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Ponting backs Australia, reflects on Headingley 2001

Former skipper Ricky Ponting says Australia have enough runs in the bank to win the third Test, although he concedes Headingley has been known to produce a miracle win or two


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  1. 'Hopefully, there's no Mark Butcher in their side that's going to go out and get 170'
    Ben Stokes: Hold My Beer.
    You dumb bastard Ricky! Jinx! 🙁

  2. I miss steve smith too much in this test match

  3. Different tone to today's interview, nothing sweeter than seeing this jug eared, smug midget eat his own words….. and as for Nathan Lyon ha ha haha funny, funny stuff.

  4. That was high scoring match eng successfully won the match…

  5. Australia will win today. England will be all out around 250 – 300.
    Australian fan from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  6. honestly we couldve been the team bowled out for 67, and Ricky ponting could say that we could still win and he'd make me believe it.

  7. Surely the England supporters should feel happy with today's performance. 203 runs to get with 7 wickets in hand and it is still a difficult match to call. One thing for sure we will be getting a result tomorrow. Good fight back from the English men. Anybody knows when the next new ball is due??

  8. Poms look determined could they do it – Aussie bowlers were to short

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