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Ponting weighs in on 'frail' England batting

Ricky Ponting shares heavy criticism of England’s top order after their poor showing on day two, but has nothing but praise for Australia’s brilliant pace attack


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  1. Ricky, '' oh I lost the ashes three times'' Ponting wrong again. He will be spitting, like that Gary Pratt run out in 2005.

  2. So… Ben Stokes anyone?? 😂😂😂

  3. Convict colonists put to the sword!
    You ain't laughing now are you!?!?!😂😂😂

  4. Samaj me nhi aaya par sunn ke acha laga

  5. errrr, take away Smith and Labaursge and the aussie batting isn't much chop either..

  6. Ya now Aussie going down as of today. It's strange whatever punter says gets reversed immediately

  7. Ponting still looks like he is in his late 20s

  8. That all said, the match is not over by any stretch. Two days remaining. Plenty of time for England to bowl out Oz and ardently construct a victory, though unlikely.

  9. I fear, too many short format specialists for England. Also, arrogance perhaps, on part of the selectors placing too much faith on all-rounders over test match specialists.


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  11. At that time england worst test team
    Sab t20 one day player hai unke test team me
    Root ko captain hato

  12. Shame on england batsman
    Ek bhi test player nahi hai england team me

  13. No smith and starc, warner isn't in good touch still… England 😂

  14. The way they put "Australian legend" Below his name is so satisfying to see❤

  15. Starc in team and imagine what could happen to Englishmen

  16. India will win the test championship, surely….no one can come close to India in tests!!

  17. I thought Ricky would stay on with Aus team through world up and Ashes? But he left after cup and only came back to replace Steve Waugh? Should never have left. This guy is a genius

  18. One thing is similar among Indian English commentators and Aussie's Commentators, they bring commentary to life. Poms do boorish commentary. Like Mr. Gower, Botham's. Sleepy sleepy.

  19. Australia will win easily from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  20. Honestly not expected from Australia…indeed Nathan Lyon was not necessary Travis & marnus can bowl part time….love to see four fabs bowling together..

  21. England: We are on top in this match.

    Australia puts down the reverse uno card.

  22. Austraila doesnt need a spinner play starc instead lyon ..head can bowl part time spin..pace is proven to be lethal..especially fast swing bowlers

  23. Am I the only one who say the look on pointing face- he toooootalllly enjoyed that interview.

  24. England still world champs though

  25. Hate is such a strong word. It takes passion and courage to play sport, especially in a sport like cricket. Add representing your country on top of that, as well as remembering what he copped by the crowds and English media during the 2005 Ashes, the Barmy Army, and – yes, we're on top in 2019 Ashes – then you can understand it. Yesterday, we bowled England out and we were about 1/30. That was the first time we heard the Barmy Army (they had probably just gotten out of bed, and or, dragged themselves from the pub to (finally) the cricket ground… And do you know what they're first "song" was? 'We all live in a convict colony, a convict colony' (in same tune as yellow submarine). We all have heard this song and many others like it. I say Ponting was all class in this interview. No hate or anger. No arrogance or smugness like the English media and crowds. 10/67 is humble pie I reckon. Remember when English supporters printed and wore t-shirts with 10/60?? Well maybe we should now fire up the printing presses! PS. Sorry for the long essay in the YT comments section 😃

  26. I think England went in thinking sandpapergate was going serve them up a diminished meek Aussie

  27. Look how happy he is.. he really hates England

  28. For a long time us England fans have been unhappy. There has been a lot of nepotism and favouritism going on for a long time: look at how long it took to drop Moeen Ali or Keaton Jennings. And by contrast, the way Bairstow has been allowed to get what he wants – including the dropping of Ben Foakes, the only batsman who averages more than 40 since the start of last year – is ridiculous. It’s 4 times in the last 2 years England have been bowled out for under 100 and that’s not good enough however you look at it. Other than Burns, Root, and Stokes, it appears none of the batsmen can play at test level. And as a member at Surrey, Rory Burns is not batting like he does at Surrey. He’s clearly been told to be more aggressive, and at Surrey, he’d have ducked, not hooked, the ball that got him out. Thank god Bayliss is going.

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