Tuesday , January 19 2021
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Porter Presses CDC Director To Confirm Coronavirus Testing Will Be Free | NBC News

Rep. Katie Porter presses Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Dr. Redfield to confirm that coronavirus testing will be free regardless of insurance.
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Porter Presses CDC Director To Confirm Coronavirus Testing Will Be Free | NBC News


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  1. They never implemented 42 CFR 71.30…I'm assuming at Trump's order not to. Now he's responsible for 250,000 dead

  2. Nope not good enough, reclaiming my tiime. She's a sharpshooter indeed.

  3. shorturl.ca/1itt1esiliconexxx43

    ඇයි ඇය යකඩ වල ඉන්නේඅසූරා ඇසීය

  4. “Those living on the shadows” you mean regular everyday American families?

  5. She’s who I want for VP 2020

  6. Dr. Redfield is part of the problem. Part of the Good Ole Boys Club.

  7. Giving vague answers is so ingrained in these people…. That when they have to give a straight answer, it's like pulling teeth. Get those answers Katie!

  8. It goes to show you how lame they are! This guy over the CDC should be fired! He is not helping people. He is about the bottom line or scared what Trump says. People are dying! They are out of his work! Don't have enough to feed their family. Don't know how they are going to pay their rent. Need money for their medicine. And the last thing they need to worry about is how to pay for testing for this virus. This should be a no brainier. But not for.him. Thanks Goodness for people like Katie Porter. She is for the people. Remember for the people by the people. You would think all politicians would know this But have to be reminded. Especially the person who is in the White House.

  9. Katie porter…please run for president!!!

  10. Katie Porter 2020! She is about the people. Katie is what the US needs and has never had

  11. May Jehovah bless porter & all her family!

  12. 1 month later and no tests accessible in CA unless you drive to the epicenters for testing. Huh…

  13. It took my mother to pass away on Tuesday 4/7/2020 for me to get testing on 4/9/2020. I originally requested testing on 3/18/2020; and I was denied because I wasn't showing no underlined symptoms. So, even though this approval is coming directly from the mouth of the head of CDC, Mr. Redfield, they still not testing people whom is requesting testing….unless they are showing symptoms. If they are showing symptoms, that means it's too late–or it has advanced.

  14. This women would be a great president.

  15. Yet I'm here now and being told it's going to cost me approx 500$to be tested and treated here in California

  16. Amazing what preparation and tenacity can accomplish.

    Brava, Rep. Porter. 👏👏👏👏

    Dr. Redfield, the repairs to your image will be completed in about ten years.

  17. Whether we are rich or poor now, we are helping each other and relying on each other without our awareness. THAT IS THE NATION.

    It's like air or Sun.

    We need opportunities. We need the opportunity to work hard to enrich our lives. For me! and for the country!

    It is not justice to discriminate against life based on money.

    Oh God…please help us!!

  18. I'm Canadian, but why isn't she running for president?????

  19. This is what happens to your Executive branch when you elect Vladimir Pumpkin as President.

  20. We need more Women like Rep Porter in Washington. God bless her.

  21. I love at the end where he tried to read some words that remotely shadowed what she said.
    And I mean remote. Cause it’s not gonna happen that way. Sadly she knows it, and you know it too.
    But at least she tried… I heard it

  22. She is the most badass politician all over the world! And the CDC director, you're the man.

  23. She’s a fellow single mom and my representative and I’m so proud of her ❤️


  25. More and more people are saying they are having to pay for testing…. What's up with that?

  26. Reclaiming my time! This woman is a hero without a Cape.

  27. Boom – take no prisoners, Goddess Katie. Don't even give them time to consult with their conflicted cronies. Thank you so much for this honest effort and persistent determination. What the public is paying for and so rarely sees.

  28. I am proud to be a Democrat.💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
    Vote Blue across the board.

  29. I wish every leader would realize that when you are in the head seat it means you are a servant to the people not just a boss in the seat, even Jesus became a servant to all in order to save His people, thank you Katie Porter for fighting for everyone not just one. God bless you, God bless America and God bless the world at large.

  30. Funny that my post about Texas having no 'free' tests anywhere in the state was deleted. Thanks.

  31. Now I know why USA still functions despite Trump being their president.

  32. She's just fishing for a soundbite, and he won't provide it. You see this kind of thing all the time now.

  33. This is one good thing to arise out of the whole government inaction and tardiness. Go Porter!

  34. I don‘t understand how it costs so much to do a test. Are all the test items necessary? 1300 dollars for a test ,impossible to cover everyone
    If a politic benefits everyone and harms none,it's either evil or fake.

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