Portland police using data science to find stolen cars

Portland, Oregon, like many areas of the U.S., has seen an increase in the number of stolen cars in recent years. Police are now using data science to help officers work more effectively in tracking down missing vehicles. Kyle Iboshi with our affiliate KGW explains.

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  1. Stop releasing them from prison

  2. Only people who work behind a computer or know nothing about the streets believe this crap😂

  3. Common Sense? Missing plate, broken window and crazy driving, who would have known?

  4. Soo.. to use common sense like the police used to be allowed to use, they now have to go to all this expense and trouble to justify their decisions on who to pull over. Brilliant.. I wonder what the success rate would be if we let the police pull over whoever they wanted, using their gut instincts to determine which cars are likely stolen, with zero politically influenced limits on their decisions.

  5. Portland is a refuge for the ‘too open’ and ‘corrupt’.

  6. I came for the thumbnail but I stayed for the informative news report. Great job CBS.

  7. I have better plan when you catch someone with a stolen car keep them in jail longer stop releasing them the same day

  8. I thought they wanted to defund the Portland pd 😂

  9. All new car should have a disabling device that the owner can push a button and it goes to a computer and a car shuts off and it starts blowing the horn and the lights start flashing and that sort of thing it will be just like what they have on the GM cars but it'll be more advanced

  10. My car has the best anti-theft device:

    A manual transmission

  11. bring back bait cars and raise the minimum punishments for anyone stealing cars.

  12. How is that police officer allowed to drive when she does not keep hold of the steering wheel. Women drivers have a bad enough reputation without this bint making it worse!

  13. I live in Portland oregon and crime is at its highest ever! Its a scary city now

  14. Maybe use that big data firm to scrape police employment records for indicators of corruption/abuse?

  15. As someone studying "data science", you should just call it statistics. People know what statistics is and it reflects the fact that it's based on imperfect information.

  16. How about keeping these criminals in jail!!!

  17. Jep can be very powerful but gota use AI in mental health that is the cause of this (maybe indirectly so maybe the people in the vasinity not the actual mental health f****ed and forgetting/not cared people

    Dont ignore the nice thing and go to the brutal thing first 😆

    But not saying not do police stuff obviously 👮‍♀️ but i ment meta level

  18. I find it strange that people aren't using data science in mundane situations like police work, city planning, sports, etc. The reason could be that the perception of data science is typically more for science or business. However, it could be due to a general lack of understanding or value in the field of math.

  19. No racial information is used but I bet if it was, the system would be at least 300% more effective… c'mon… we all know it would.

  20. I'm very impressed. Usually improvements are small but noticeables, but going from 1/31 to 1/5 that is basically going from 3% to 20% or for the better 6.5x improvement. Many things in life rarely double no matter how hard you try.

  21. If the cops weren't so busy with the drug addict "homeless" they wouldn't have this problem.

  22. We live in a police state and the news and a bunch of bootlickers in the comments think it's a good thing

  23. I noticed during the interview at times the officer would be driving with both hands off the steering wheel and talking at the same time, was there some kind of autopilot on this car?

  24. Put all criminals in prison for a minimum of 10 to 15 years….double or triple that for second offenses

  25. I wonder if they could apply that data science to police corruption and abuse? The fact that they're only just now adopting these practices blows my mind.