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Possible Pat's incredible weight loss transformation continues

It’s the next step of an Avondale man’s weight loss journey: surgery to remove extra skin after he lost more than 300 pounds. FOX 10’s Marcy Jones reports. Read more: http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/188955707-story


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  3. His loose skin wasn’t that bad

  4. Wow, thats great…This is very encouraging video which proves that anything can be achieved in life

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  6. he looks good! I love the beard

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  8. He needs to trim his beard in order to be a total hottie

  9. God got you here for a reason and this is it you are amazing make sure you drink plenty of water that keeps the weight off God bless you and yours…

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  11. Eating clean cut the meat that's eating clean! But your doing good!

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