Thursday , November 26 2020
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Power cut to California residents to fight wildfires | ABC News

Pacific Gas and Electric has begun cutting power in an unusual move to prevent wildfires while its service area is buffeted by severe winds.

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  1. Didn't Brightburn talk about this in the end of mvie

  2. PG&E is owned by the Rothschilds. Gavin Newsom is a lying communist whore who's in bed with PG&E. The latest fires were intentionally lit and directly coincided with the power outage. No one believes the garbage coming out of Newsom's mouth. Recall Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Diane Feinstein, Eric Garcetti, and the rest of the corrupt California Democrats, and kick the Rothschilds out of California—they're all in on this horror show. Do it before more people get hurt

  3. 🇬🇧 watching. Seems darker forces are at work to scare and control.. Cutting of power pleeese.
    Epstein Child trafficking business MSM or to hot for you to handle.


  5. Don’t worry California, this is just a sample of what it will be like if AOC gets her way and eliminates all the smelly gasoline burning car’s, and all the nasty coal fired power stations that make that nasty electricity … years ago, I thought California was the greatest place on earth to live. Great weather, the ocean, swimming pools everywhere, movie stars. But now:
    I honestly would not even visit California. No one I know would even consider visiting there. They , earthquakes, these Santa Ana wind storms that caused brushfires, historic world wide news making traffic,People living in the streets by the tens of thousands, it is drier than a popcorn fart for much of the year, The highest gasoline taxes in history, The strictest air pollution regulations for cars, many manufacturers don’t even send new cars to California for sale. They are called 49 state compliant cars not all 50. The cost of housing which is actually driven up by greedy realtors is actually obscene. They won’t enforce federal law when it comes to illegal invaders from other countries, even after they break the law they won’t turn them over to the federal government. And then there is Nancy Pelosi, the richest congresswoman in Congress. She wasn’t that rich when she became a congresswoman.. El Chapo swears that he gave Nancy Pelosi and the president of Mexico millions of dollars in cash in a few years ago. There are photographs of Pelosi and the president of Mexico with El Chapo having a nice evening.
    What’s happening in California with these blackouts in taxes and unlawfulness and high priced housing and gasoline, In the news they report that people that can’t afford to, or relocating from California in record numbers. I’ll because of the cost and the lawlessness in California.It’s the reverse dust bowl migration.they deserve it. You deserve what you get when you vote for the people you voted for.. I feel that California’s past is brighter than it’s future. And that’s sad. It used to be the envy of the rest of the country, not anymore
    I just have one request. All the people that are leaving California because of the degradation and decline of society there, don’t come to the Northeast.. it might be contagious. I have seen signs people have put on their front lines in Oregon, Washington, Texas, telling people that are relocating from California to the states, to go back to California. They don’t want you screwing up their communities with your liberal views, A chicken in every pot, and you pay for the pot, and the chicken

  6. I bet them Solor Panels Work good in the Dark….All new Homes in Calf have to have Solor Panels on them….and that cost goes into your Mortgage…..After 10 yrs of your Mortgage ….it is time to get more Solar Panels….they only last so long….Now you need to get another Loan….LOL

  7. There was a run on home generators – they use fossil fuel.
    There was a run on batteries – how much coal do they take to manufacture?
    The wonderful solar panels can't hold enough electricity to power a house for more than 12 hours or so.
    How much coal/fossil fuel to manufacture these precious solar panels?
    With this renewable "revolution", ask hospitals and critical businesses what they use for backup power.
    The whole green movement is a farce – look no farther than CA.

  8. With the high number of the liberal democrats in California why don't they just make electricity illegal to fall inline with the the big green deal that Omar wants to pass …. The land of fruits and nuts .

  9. Gas is $4.30-$4.60
    Imagine if we cant buy gas because the power is shutoff.

  10. Are trump white supremacy groups starting these fires

  11. And if you believe this mindless lie I have a bridge to sell you.

  12. So no power, bad infrastructure, the cities smell of shit, millions of homeless people, hypocritical celebs living in mansions, widespred corruption, governed by a human Ken Doll, Silicon Valley execs brainwashing the populace to vote against their own interests, expensive housing, no clean water, fracking in urban areas.

    Wonderful place, I wonder which party is in charge.

  13. Here's your "radical action to fight climate change" you've been crying for, California. Enjoy your Moral Superiority.

  14. Jeez Californians, you have fires, power outages, poo, needles, massive homeless, ancient plagues. TRY electing Republicans and see if things get better. They can't do worse. What next under the socialist democrats, locusts and frogs????

  15. And now, another wildfire is taking its toll on us again

  16. Dear God please kewp the Trump supporters safe and burn the rest

  17. Is the Hollywood area part of the shutdown? I bet not.

  18. Meanwhile in conservative, common sense thinking, God fearing ,Trump loving , independent power grid using, Texas…… is good.

  19. Don't listen to what feminist LGBT psyops agents say on MSM. These fires were started by high tension wires? Bullshit DEW is what's destroying the lands globalist-ly not electric wires. PG E is owned by the Rothschilds go figure. Oops, investigative journalism already told you the whole truth and nothing but the truth. NOT!! They all read from the same idiot card filtered down for your eyes and ears.

  20. In my opinion California just can burn into dust if you can't stand the heat get out of the fire move but please don't come to the Midwest because then all the sudden you'll be bitching about the snowfall get over it and deal with it

  21. Wild fires huh…? Which is why they had to shut off power in some area's at night! I'm sure California's regulatory commission which dictates everything PG&E does has nothing to with any of this! PG&E can't wash a car without their permission! Do you know who's to blame? We are, we elected these leaders term after term after term decade after decade. And how do we hold them accountable for their gross mismanagement of this state. By rewarding them with a promotion on the national scene! They can't even perform the most basic of all civil duties, keeping human shit off the streets. For all of you complaining and bitching about this, you got exactly what you voted for, incompetence! So suck it up, it's our fault!

  22. Remember that next time we need to cut trees off power lines and you say no no no now set in your Tesla and drive up to the clinic and tell them I don't want to cut trees but I will cut off my dick and you wonder why you don't have power fuck you people

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