Saturday , October 16 2021
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President Biden delivers remarks on economy

President Biden delivers remarks on U.S. economy. #FOXBusiness

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  2. You have border crisis you need to address Joe

  3. He needs a parasite cleanse for all that mucus.

  4. By far his best speech so for in his presidency

  5. Vote Donald J Trump 2024 & again in 2028. Trump will be the first president to have 12 years as President in history! He's already THE BEST PRESIDENT in History Donald J Trump 😁

  6. His lies about American Groth, why is he still in the White house! Think of every thing he says backwards, and you will see him

  7. He got Covid! Aaaand he stupid!

  8. Fundamental choice ?? Lol

    You stepping down and going back to your basement in Delaware would be a good start.

  9. Does this lier ever shut up?

  10. Nothing but lies he wants to make every American poor and rely on the government

  11. If you don’t comply ill take your jobs away!

  12. I AM PROUD TO HAVE GOV TATE REEVES STAND UP FOR US!!! THANK YOU GOV REEVES. Pres Joe Biden, if you’re not a part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Have you been bought? It sure seems like it and everyone else thinks so too. I call for a full impeachment of this foolish administration and a full accounting of Covid origins, bad actors involved, a full countrywide election AUDIT, and reversal of the executive orders signed since taking office that were completed to undermine the previous administration and/or to please the green new deal affiliates (yes you billionaires at the wef). You have done NOTHING good for this country. Sorry, the number of likes vs dislikes tells the WHOLE STORY of your current approval ratings.😂 what’s that, about 16%!!!!???🤣🤣🤣

  13. omg we are all going to die

  14. This is such a pitiful fool and lousy Liar!

  15. Joe you lost your wife and your son so you got to take it out on 10 kids

  16. Thank you for sharing this with me

  17. The pot calling the kettle black! His brother and son, let alone himself, the Obama’s, the Clinton’s, etc have bilked the public and other countries fir their financially padded bottoms! How delusional is he, his family, Pelosi, etc to think that we out here(the ones who built the country, no, the ones who are trying to maintain the country) are so stupid that we don’t see through their bullish-t!? Unfortunately, the powers that be are more influential than us who are just maintaining a decedent lifestyle for our families!

  18. Why are small businesses still having trouble finding workers.

  19. Does he have any clue? He is a gov junkie!! He has no idea how to work or how economy works. Pandemic? The big guys stayed open where the little guy was required to close as non-essential workers. Who is to say whomis essential and who is not? Yes, we can become a socialist country or remain a capitalist economy allows the little guy to become an entrepreneur and cash in on his idea!! Economic crises-whose fault is that Joe? You were not voted in-you were installed. Trump would have handled this better. We all know that. Overturning Trumps successes day 1. Idiot!! Mandates are not the way to go. That is being a dictator especially since vaccine doesn’t protect anyone right now. Trump would have had them tweaking the vax to make it work. You are an idiot!!!

  20. Are you seriously trying to take credit?

  21. The covetous nature of democrats on display . Private property rights mean little , principles mean nothing . Acquisitive, grasping little people .

  22. Yeah keep our money in American Biden. But we all know how you give money to other countries. You are a sham. And I am ashamed to see you in the capacity that you have. It's down right Un American.

  23. You must have had a good nap. Because you are reading the teleprompter pretty good. Hahaha

  24. Who really is running our country right now Biden

  25. Your family needs to pay their share too Biden. Oh that's right. Your family is exempt right.

  26. Oh shut up Biden. Who wrote your speech ? Quit spending our money. Get out of office.

  27. Build back better is not paid for when it will increase debt. The US politicians can't keep spending more than it takes in.

  28. Coughs into hand, multiple times.🙄

  29. Is this guy on glue? What is he talking about?

  30. He is an idiot and has no understanding how the economy works. Why do so many corporations and billionaires vote Democrat?

  31. He’s a joke. He has no clue of anything. He’s done all this destruction and devastation

  32. Thank God for Florida and Texas!!!
    California and New Yorkers, stay out. Stay in your state. You get what you deserve with the choices you make with your clueless politicians!!!
    You can’t fix stupid!!!!

  33. Keep buying and investing in stocks or crypto and in the end you will enjoy your rewards. Soon BITCION $100,000

  34. This man is not for you america he wants to flood youre country with. People not American. So you're vote wont matter? Dumocat plan

  35. The man's lips are moving so he must be lying and he doesn't even realize it it's time to get a change of administration and the sooner the better before his handlers have us totally broke and communist.


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