Tuesday , June 22 2021
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President Biden Proposes Guaranteeing Paid Leave For Caregivers | NBC News NOW

President Biden is introducing a policy that would guarantee at least 12 weeks of paid leave for all caregivers across the country. NBC News’ Ali Vitali breaks down what the president is proposing and how critical this could be for caregivers.

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  1. How about paying them for doing their job?
    Or find someone who will. That's how the real world works people.

  2. Oh what a grand idea… oh yes … LETS KEEP MAKING MONEY THAT DOES NOT HAVE ANY BACKING! Good idea! OMG! Nothing from nothing is a negative number at this level!


  4. At least billionaires still won't have to pee in a water bottle.

  5. Today's Democratic Party is a criminal group, and they are trying to destroy the United States!!!

  6. Biden has no clue what he is giving. He just reads the prompter.

  7. is this guy 19 with abeard.

  8. ⭐️🇺🇸🦅TRUMP2020🦅🇺🇸⭐️

  9. Bidens leading us in the right direction…about the price of the infrastructure 💰 well we get what we pay for in life. Besides, taxes will be paid by the mega wealthy people.

  10. Biden the clown 🤡🤡🤡

  11. USA 🇺🇸 prays for UBI ( Anti – Poverty Bill ) Of $3,000/Month tax free for life to all poor citizens! The first $36,000/Year is tax free to lift everyone out of poverty and eradicate homelessness and labor exploitation! Flat tax of 3% after $36,001 and up to $100,000. Flat tax of 7% of $100,001 and up to $400,000. Flat tax of 11% of $400,001 and up to $1 million. Flat tax of 15% of $1 million and up to $11 million. Then to eradicate and punish greed; a massive tax of 55% anything over $11 million! Goal is to purge extreme greed and greed will increase UBI structure 😊

  12. USA 🇺🇸 prays for UBI ( Anti – Poverty Bill ) Of $3,000/Month tax free for life to all poor citizens! The first $36,000/Year is tax free to lift everyone out of poverty and eradicate homelessness and labor exploitation! Flat tax of 3% after $36,001 and up to $100,000. Flat tax of 7% of $100,001 and up to $400,000. Flat tax of 11% of $400,001 and up to $1 million. Flat tax of 15% of $1 million and up to $11 million. Then to eradicate and punish greed; a massive tax of 55% anything over $11 million! Goal is to purge extreme greed and greed will increase UBI structure 😊

  13. Make it a law if the employer discriminates against you for leaving for emergency leave.

  14. Watch their average salaries go down

  15. President -Teleprompter is getting really boring …

  16. There goes Jomentia, telling you what his teleprompter HaL is telling him to say.

  17. G🐽P claim they're for family values…really? President Biden sincerely supports U.S.😷🤗💯

  18. And in most of europe, it is commen to have up to a year paid leaf.
    This is just one of many areas the US i lacking behind in twenty first century benefits

  19. I miss President Trump!! He was a true hero and a patriot!!

  20. Pay everyone to stay home. Why not. We deserve it. We breathe. Therefore we are entitled.

  21. Here in Québec every new child, borned or adopted, gives the parents 1 year parental leave…it can be taken by either one of the parents or shared between the two of them. Also, of course, parents never have to worry about medical bills, even for very costly and long term care for their child. One day in day care here cost $8.00 us per child, for a whole day…..i'll stop there as there are many other pro-children and pro family policies here….sorry for you guys down there, your system makes it so difficult for ordinary people.
    Hopefully the current US administration will , somehow, narrow the gap between our two countries. Good luck .

  22. $225 Billion over ten years out of what? 30 TRILLION over ten years? That's nothing! Just do it already.

  23. Joe's mission is to bankrupt the country.

  24. Thank you President Biden. All my life I could have used this benefit but had none. Now retired I pray others can have paid family leave as the stress is horendous on families without paid leave!😪

  25. Watch Fox News if you want the truth

  26. this paid leave thing live, you should need like all your medical paper,,, or the person your take care of medical paper to get this paid leave because i feel like some guy is going to get paid leave and then go the Bahamas

  27. Trump won. Biden is illegitimate.

  28. I didn't get that, but unlike Republicans I'd be thrilled if my dil gets it out my granddaughter. I went back after a premature birth after 2 weeks.

  29. It is with profound regret that I resign from the VV Board of Advisors. When you invited me to join the board shortly after the 2016 elections, I agreed for three reasons. First, Verified Voting’s promise to promote policy positions that “are based on scientific evidence and understood best practices in election administration” offered hope in addressing a decade or more of willful neglect of those principles in Georgia. Second, I thought that lending my name to the organization would help in the fight to eliminate vulnerable, unauditable voting machines in Georgia and nationwide. Third, I understood that my voice would be joined with the voices of respected colleagues to be sought out, valued, and debated by the organization’s leadership. However, it soon became apparent that Verified Voting’s policy positions were unpredictable, contradictory, and not aligned with the values I once believed we shared. On more than one occasion, Verified Voting has taken contradictory public stances in the span of a few days, undercutting allies and supporters. The pattern of espousing new positions and making public statements that take local VV stakeholders by surprise is nothing new. Rather than seeking out advice, Verified Voting has gone to great lengths to
    avoid it.
    I have tried over the last two years to engage in dialog, but you, Marian, and her team have been unwilling to have face to face conversations, even when we are in the same city and sometimes the same building. These apparent disconnects have been seized upon and exploited in Georgia and other states to weaken, not enhance, the cause of accurate and verifiable elections. Although my concerns have been growing for some time now, Verified Voting’s involvement in a “pilot RLA” in Georgia following the recent election makes it impossible to continue as a member of the advisory board. VV issued and supported misleading public statements that those pilots confirm outcomes and even prove the security of new election systems. Verified Voting’s seal of approval for the security theatrics in Bartow County undermines efforts to make elections more accountable. This exercise conducted behind closed doors and billed as a practice run—even if flawlessly conducted—could only confirm the correctness of the tally of the unverified (and therefore possibly corrupted) ballots, not that the ballots tallied were correctly marked. No audit based on an untrustworthy audit trail can confirm the correctness of the outcome. Billing such an exercise as an RLA and touting it as a proof of security plays into the hands of cynics. Whatever benefits accrue from this practice, it does not help public understanding to aid election officials in misstating the results. A similar false claim was made in Pennsylvania the following week. Verified Voting subsequently tweeted a weak repudiation of the incorrect Pennsylvania claim, but let stand an identical incorrect assertion in Georgia. That unrefuted statement will surely be a factor in future litigation. Most recently, Marian’s essay, posted on verifiedvoting.org shortly after Philip Stark’s November 22 resignation from the board, doubled down on these and other expanded claims. It is a short essay, but I count at least nine distinct contradictions of prior Verified Voting statements and published positions. In light of this, the promise to pursue policy positions based on scientific evidence and best practices rings hollow. I can no longer lend my name to Verified Voting. Some, including anti-transparency activists, conflicted supporters of ballot marking devices, politicians trying to silence and intimidate critics, and opponents of evidence-based policy, have already mischaracterized the mainly technical debates within the election integrity community. If they are successful at confusing the public about the correctness of election outcomes in Georgia and elsewhere, I fear it will be in some measure due to the absence of values once embraced by Verified Voting.
    Richard DeMillo
    Charlotte B. and Roger C. Warren Professor of Computing and Executive Director of the Center for 21st Century Universities Georgia Tech Atlanta, GA

  30. Free , free, free, free, free, free , free . Getting up at 4:30 and going to work

  31. Why would have been nice to stay home for a year and spend all that time with my son

  32. How about give EVERYONE a paid leave policy?

  33. Republicans ain win-win no time soon because they support white supremest and spread false information.
    Too much lazy hillly billly hills on Republican side and only hard workers voted Democrats

  34. America is near the curb of disaster, we are not out of woods. I think that we need to take a responsibility, otherwise we might just dissapear like a country… It is the worst variant we have. That's why we have to be right, indifferent and brave.
    Americans, don't fall! Everything will be fine, if we don't destroy our country, our ecology, our fields, our justice and democracy. I know that many people loathe (or don't respect) current Biden's administration. So, if you hate them (GOVERNMENT), don't decrease the level of your nation's prosperity. Americans, I urge you: be sincere, be generous, be humble and STOP BEING VULNURABLE, nobody wants you to be sad…

  35. This pandemic has magnified every existing inequality in our society..

  36. Biden doing fantastic ic way better than Trumpeet .
    This man is such a hard worker

  37. How does congress even understand what The Corpse says

  38. That whole "cant cover you shift" is such bs.
    I bet if you quit on the spot they'd fill the shift real gd quick.

  39. Is Biden going to admit the rights of white women? Either he wants to help black-american people, or he supports normal american citizens.
    I don't mean that white americans are better, than black americans, but I'd like all you to grasp that black people at least are not better than white people. We have to struggle for the justice in this country, folks!

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