Monday , November 23 2020
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President Donald Trump Hits Back After DNI Hearing, Whistleblower Complaint | NBC Nightly News

The president blasted Democrats at a closed-door diplomatic event in New York after privately doing the same today to the anonymous whistleblower. “That person never saw the report,” Trump can be heard saying in audio obtained by the Los Angeles Times. “They’re almost a spy.”
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President Donald Trump Hits Back After DNI Hearing, Whistleblower Complaint | NBC Nightly News


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  1. (The phony dossier part 2) Presented to you by Fake News.

  2. Trump is a 100% bullshiter.
    Doesn't do his job, and don't know what he's doing. He wormed his way into this position. What a shame that somebody actually put this stupid man in the White House.

  3. At 6 seconds in we see President Trump telling his supporters what to think. He's giving them there talking points. Now the brain-dead fools will simply run around and repeat what he just said.
    A big part of the problem here is that President Trump does not realize the sacredness and the importance of the Constitution of the United States of America. Sad.

  4. Unfair reporting!!!!! NBC is paid off by democrats! Civil War will happen if they try to impeach! #TRUMP2020

  5. Latinos for TRUMP 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Whatever complaints Republicans/conservatives may say about the Left, at least they were bright enough and hired the right people not to be caught if they did something wrong. Of course, the wisest people don't do dumb sh-t to begin with.

  7. Bravo Trump. The crooked Dems and their nonsense is sickening. They are doing a great job getting Trump re-elected in 2020.

  8. Trump said he will punish them by death in-front of the kids to teach the kids who is their fhürer

  9. If there are true grounds for impeachment, why did Schiff feel the need to spin a made-up story in the hearing?



  12. Democrates are sick in the head along with the fake media! What a waste ! democrates have did nothing in 3 fkn years! There a fin joke ! Lunatics !

  13. What a waste of time. How about congress pass some bipartisan stuff to help the country? We got mentally ill people being bused across state lines because the states to do not want to be responsible for locking them in an institution where they belong. This has helped exacerbate the homeless problem. How about passing the MCA? There is a million good things they could be doing for us and all they are doing is pandering to political hacks with this impeachment nonsense!

  14. msm & left’s hate… revealed.

  15. Now they are starting the new spin and focusing on the presidents' "mental state and his instability." If impeachment doesn't work we can try the 25th amendment approach. They are acting like mutineers. God help us all.

  16. Trump's right about one thing: this IS a disgrace to our country. The part he's unwilling to acknowledge is that the disgraceful part is his actions.

  17. The left cannot get the vote, so they have to lie and muck rake.

  18. I never get my news from the main stream media, though sometimes I check in to see what is being spun. It never fails to amaze me how bias these people are.

  19. Babbling orange traitor will BURN

  20. What a shameless TRAITOR! He wants to throw dirty to his opponent so he can a have free jail card! and now he is threatening the whistleblower! Is he demented? obviously YEA!!! WTF! Once for all remove this clown! He has 0 ethics!

  21. Are you suppose to ignore a whistle blower?

  22. Democraps are a lot like the Jews 2000 years ago when they wanted to crucify their one and only true savior, Jesus Christ. Trump 2020!!!

  23. Greatest President in history. Can't wait until the sequel in 2020!!

  24. One big pile of libtarded Schiff!

  25. "The democrats know they can't win the election…" Have to agree…

  26. NBC, what a joke. I'm glad they included important details like "children in the audience". That is some hard hitting journalism. Remember there was an "85% chance" Hilary was going to be president. Wonder what they will come up with this time.

  27. You know that little tidbit you guys slapped on the end of your segment about anxiety and concern in the White House just reeks of desperation. How long did it take you to come up with that stinker?

  28. What has the demorats done for the country since they took the house

  29. "may cause unmanageable behaviour"
    Trump's behaviour thus far has been *managed*??

  30. Once again NBC puts the leftist spin on things. I remember when journalists had integrity.

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