Wednesday , November 25 2020
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President Donald Trump speaks as he departs White House (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump addresses the media as he departs the White House.

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President Trump and his aides plan to tell House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that they will not cooperate with the ongoing impeachment inquiry until the full House votes to authorize it, officials said Friday.

Democrats have said that Trump’s refusal to answer subpoenas and provide documents could constitute an impeachable offense in and of itself as they investigate the president’s dealings with Ukraine.

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  1. "I would like for you to do us a favor, though".

  2. ;"Poland is a country" . Thanks for telling us that, Mr President.
    "We just gave a Visa Waiver to Poland" Thanks, Mr. President. We were all REALLY worried about that. THAT will now be the main topic of all our questions from now on".


  4. these fake news pathetic reporter are going to blow a blood vessel in their head –Trump tearing them apart one by one EVERYDAY -TRUMP 2020

  5. Corruption he should look at his house the whole country knows how Trump lies cheats on his taxes cheats on his wives thieves he's supposed to be a good businessman look how many times he's filed bankruptcy what about Bill Gates how many times does he file bankruptcy there's a difference between a businessman in a thug


  7. like him or not — watch the live vidoe of Glenn Beck putting out allll this cover up OCT 3 2019 on his FB – TWITTER – sight and Blaze Tv and Glenn Beck .com – you need to watch with open mind and then tell us if you still trust Democrats — it will blow your mind spread it around — never trusted Glenn but wow – this will blow you away whether you are D or R —- PLEASE PASS IT ON ALLLLLLLLLLLL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA

  8. Listen to him trying to spin a con. He told the press he'll be back in two hours. He'll be back alright, trying to spin his con some more.

  9. I pray this country comes together as a hole and stop all this childish hatred, lies, and diversity. We r Americans and we all are better than this. Support your president at least he has fulfilled his promises unlike any other president. Do your homework ppl. Trump is abt America stop following the dems and their lies. Haven't the dems proven over and over that they lie. They r corrupt. Wake up ppl. Quit being followers and grow up and be leaders.

  10. This is the end of America… There will be war and martial war now… now that democrats takes over the White house… martial law = no rights for the people no laws… the military can kill us 1 by 1…

  11. Well sir, if your looking for corruption you don't have to travel far. Just take a walk to the closest mirror in the White House and look at yourself.

  12. Lock traitor OBAMA up!
    Lock pedofile CLINTON up!
    Lock crooked Hilary up!

  13. The Best President in our lifetime! Keep hitting the fake news and their democrat handlers hard Mr. President!!! Most of my family voted for Hillary in 2016. They are all on board to vote for President Trump in 2020! Drain the swamp!

  14. "It's all about corruption with me."

  15. Lie after lie after lie after lie.

  16. People from Poland 🇵🇱 good, other countries with black and brown people shithole countries, send them back, and build a wall. Okay 🤔 I find it funny that he is concerned with corruption when a good portion is currently in Federal prison for corruption on his behalf. 🤔 He is a hypocritical liar.

  17. Of course he ignores the question of "What don't you investigate corruption by Putin?" 55:04 He probably just had a call with Vlad to say Good morning, comrade! Putin must love that there's no nuclear restraint put on Russia thanks to Trump killing the Non-Proliferation treaty that he never talks about. Remove the laws to decrease nuclear proliferation? How does that work? There will never be another agreement like that with Russia as long as Trump is occupying the house built by slaves.

    And of course he withholds critical military funding from Ukraine unless they open up a closed investigation to weaken them for takeover by guess who.. Russia USSR! He just yells and screams about some other topic to distract from his own corruption. Republicans will never win another election for 20 years if they don't remove this man from office promptly. Putin got his money's worth with this fool!

  18. He Does have Syphilitic Dementia.He Infected so many Women and a FEW MEN/BOYS TOO!!! He also needed a BACKHAND in the Mouth when he was young!This Criminal family should be Locked up!! I can imagine the terror he inflicted on People. OK Bring it ON. !!

  19. Always those %$& helicopters

  20. I think he'll win

  21. Let’s see…. your top runners are feeble minded old man Biden or heart attack walking dead Burnie. Both are subject to investigation…running for office does not make you immune to investigation. Stop lying to the public. The phone call was not “this for that”…. media is lying once again, just like with Russia.

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