Monday , November 23 2020
Home / News / President Donald Trump Speaks At ‘Keep America Great’ Rally In Texas | NBC News

President Donald Trump Speaks At ‘Keep America Great’ Rally In Texas | NBC News

Watch Live coverage of President Trump speaking at a ‘Keep America Great’ rally in Dallas, Texas.
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President Donald Trump Speaks At ‘Keep America Great’ Rally In Texas | NBC News


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  1. // (((BIG WIN 2020))) PRESIDENT TRUMP !! 🤣😂😃😅!!

  2. Innumerate? Require a safe space? Hate success? Become a Democrat.

  3. Remember when this guy promised to show his Tax Returns after the Audit? At least Clinton made all her Tax Returns public because she has nothing hidden…

  4. As a Michigander i can tell you for sure Donald Trump won't win Michigan in 2020.

  5. Jared and Ivanka earned or made depending how you look at it $82M last year. I remember when poor Jared was in debt and bankrupted but now has money from heaven…

  6. Be proud of a Stong, Tough, Intelligent, POTUS 💪 💪 💪 Tump – Pence 2020

  7. Trump constantly repeats the same lies in the most ridiculously juvenile manner. The world is watching this! Unbelievable

  8. Trump was looking to leverage aid to get dirt on democrats and boost his campaign. So said.

  9. 10 more year the greatest President ever for the United Stae am the proudest American ever.

  10. Trump 2020! Loved more in Ohio than in 2016. Get ready to cry again liberals! Maybe you should work on a candidate that could win.

  11. And like always the entire rally speech is nothing but hate filled rhetoric and lies. Not one actual facts about anything that he’s accomplished. Not one plan about how he’s going to fix anything. It’s another repeat of 2016. America will not last if he is reelected. #BeLessStupid #VoteHimOut

  12. Torchlight rally in Nuremberg, circa 1935-When do they play "Duetschland Uber Alles" and do raised arm salutes?

  13. gonna' win again 2020! down with deep state!

  14. A sad pig, just waiting on a sandwich from Macdonald's

  15. He has to stay in office or he goes to jail. The rally is his mass, frightening. What a puppet show.

  16. How Dare He use a classic antiwar tune from Vietnamn! Draft dodger and Traitor!

  17. I'm beginning to think Trump is the biggest whistleblower since Assange. Who would have knows about Biden and Pelosi's kids working for Russian and Chinese oil and gas companies, I wonder how many more Democrats are gonna be found out?

  18. Did he really do a deal for the farmers? If he did and the farmers got what they waited for, the dems have a real problem. He just proved what loyalty will get you.

  19. bucket list notes:
    Mr. Trump:
    3 years is a long time…you´ve served the best you could
    Never we´ve seen a USA president make so many bad mistakes
    Never we´ve seen a USA president ly so open and so much
    Never we´ve seen a USA president, who doesn´t care about others, and thinks USA can exist by it self
    Never seen a guy who is so disrespectful against other leaders
    Never seen so much turbulens on trade agreements
    Never we hope to see this again

  20. Russia knew Trump would make us weaker.

  21. Police/Fire, City workers.

  22. Look at all those idiots behind trump

  23. whos that blonde In the background shes gorgeous , Im In love at first sight 😍😍😍😍😍 shes In the 5th row behind TRUMP the chunky one

  24. Demonic rats = disaster… saviour of a great nation=TRUMP

  25. Trump is the best thing that's EVER happened to the U.S.A may god bless him #1 TRUMP … LOVE FROM U. K

  26. Now trump is trying to privatize Medicare by executive order,that's not to help people but make corporations money.

  27. These ThemRats people are stupid”
    ThemRats 🐀🐀 will never win a crap 💩

  28. Trump has now become the father of America. After decades of feckless men being at the helm, the country finally has a leader. The only potential leader the Dems have is Gabbard and both the party and the media have already decided to destroy her (by claiming she is a Russian agent, just because she wants to back-off from pointless wars). If they are prepared to do this to a loyal congresswoman, just imagine how they would treat you, as an individual.

  29. The crowd look ominously similar to the citizens of 'Rock Ridge'

  30. LOL fkn Texas full of rugged individuals who have to swear elegance to Israel before they can get a government job LMFAO.

  31. The United States of America has The Very Best Real Estate in the World. Period. Keep it Safe. Keep it Prosperous.

  32. I find it amazing how so many of those ppl look perfectly normal.

  33. America is so lucky to have this president. Really good for the world also. Darkness cannot stand the light.

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