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President Emmanuel Macron Claps Back At Bolsonaro For Joke About Wife | NBC News

French President Macron responded to a derogatory joke about his wife that Brazilian President Bolsonaro engaged with on Facebook at the conclusion of the G-7 summit.
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President Emmanuel Macron Claps Back At Bolsonaro For Joke About Wife | NBC News


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  1. Macron won't seek another term, and will reverse all his Cabal decisions prior to leaving. Trump G 7 success. France delivered. Q coms.

  2. I think the Brazilian president is garbage.
    He has an ugly face and an ugly heart.

  3. Well, Brazilian president has an Ipanema girl as wife and Macron has a mother as wife, what differ between both, 20 year old!

  4. Mas ela é feia , e a Amazônia é nossa Brasil….

  5. Macron the great fox. Amazônia é do BRASIL!

  6. Macron holding hands with his grandmother😂😂😂😂. Macron is homosexual and is shielded behind an old lady to falsify a heterosexual relationship

  7. O pseudo nacionalismo de Bolsonaro é uma piada, enquanto ele se abaixa para Trump entregando a Embraer e Alcântara, o desgraça fala a Amazônia é nossa, como pode ser nossa se está corta até mesmo uma parte da França, guina francesa, você eleitor desse bossal deveria calar a boca

  8. he still married a corpse
    he still has no kids

  9. Amazon doesn’t belong to Brazil, it belongs to Jeff Bezos

  10. Criminal Macron deserve a death penalty,Bolsonaro is a hero.

  11. Amazônia é do Brasile ponto final.

  12. Brasilians are all transexual. and dumb

  13. What about the WTO is a scam to push all productions into third world and developing countries to make huge profits..and let them polluting their countries and the earth.. just go there you can feel heavy pollution in the air, soil and water … while the air and everything are clean and clear from here but they kept on talking about global warming and attacking the others.. ?? 😆 global warming is the answer to their failure in economic management.. the answer to massive debts problem .. the answer to laziness policy of lazy politics … they should go and tell those countries with mass production.. those like china, Vietnam.. to stop polluting instead attacking each others .. aren’t those crooks so hypocrite.. 😆

  14. I think this crazy guy is dreaming too loud! Does he really think it's just come and take? Try your luck, Macron! The best-prepared jungle warfare exercise in the world will receive you the way you deserve. you are a transvestite communist of liberals!

  15. Shut off the many atom energy plants in France before claiming to be worried about the enviroment.

  16. NBC, the communist Fake News propaganda machine…Macron, the Soros little prostitute

  17. I love how Brazil thinks it's a powerfull country… While it's not. So weak, so poor…
    An open war and you're doom, brazilians, the colonized portuguese lmao

  18. A esposa do Macron é normal … Ele que é esquisito .

  19. AMAZONIA IS BRAZILIAN! Say goodbye to amazonia, gringos! TAKE OFF THE HANDS OF OUR NIOBY! TAKE HANDS FROM OUR BAUXITE ALSO.Take your eyes off the Brazilian natural riches! None of this belongs to you!

  20. Macron cant even fix his country now trying to fix another. What a joke

  21. Why is there interest in the Amazon Rainforest burning uncontrollably?! I don't know maybe they're the lungs of the earth…..

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