Friday , January 15 2021
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President Trump holds press conference at Bedminster golf club | USA TODAY

President Donald Trump said members of his Bedminster country club who were present at an official White House press conference were attending a “peaceful protest” Friday night when asked why they weren’t adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Before Trump took the podium, members of the White House pool press had reported that dozens of club members were standing close together in the room, and only a few were wearing masks.

After pool reporters tweeted that guests were not adhering to New Jersey COVID-19 regulations, members were given masks to wear by staffers. They had already been standing shoulder-to-shoulder for about half an hour.

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  3. You are the disaster and you are the one that’s trying to steal the election you evil devil

  4. Not China virus. Covid. He allowed bounties on solders. what non violent crimes he doesn't know. Democrats don't want monies used for his friends, but for the people. Biden isn't extreme left. He just goes on and on with misinformation.

  5. King maker of MEDIA like this president of america.soonest going to down the america i mean economy.they VERY VERY are greedy GOVERNMENT OF AMERICA

  6. “Tinkle, tinkle, little czar,
    Putin put you where you are.”
    —George Takei

  7. Vector One is a virulent contagion,
    Infecting the nation with hate & vitriol,
    Super-spreading intellectual evasion,
    Gaslighting an ever-growing death toll.

  8. Trumps the best president since lincoln

  9. He deadass said China Virus 😭😭

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  11. Fake news unless it supports one of his lies SMH

  12. Es gibt kein zurück mehr! Eines Tages müssen alle Menschen auf dieser Erde ihre Knie beugen und mit ihrer Zunge bekennen, dass JESUS CHRISTUS der HERR ist! Suche Jesus Christus und Sein Licht; alles Andere hilft dir nicht! Amen Halleluja!

  13. WHO IS THIS IDIOT? “We’ve set a record on a number of jobs in the last 3 months”. Uhhhh noooo, he is the biggest liar ever, he forgets we are not stupid like he is, he doesn’t even comprehend we know he’s lying. He’s truly troubled in the head. Guess he forgot we are in a pandemic and how many Americans are not working, and continues, does he understand why he’s sending stimulus payments out. My lord what’s wrong with him? Liar liar liar, I think he actually believes his lies so figures we do too.

  14. I think America is the only country that will find the rebel.

  15. This man if full of lies 🤣🤣🤣🤣 everything he says is not true he won't talk about the billions he wants for weapon in the bill he won't talk about how he gave everyone Democrats and Republicans a raise and a tax relief and the 1% a tax relief on the first bill he won't talk about the billions he gave the military on the fist package this is the 4 package not the 2nd package from the pandemic. You need to look up all the package don't let this lie keep going

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  17. Is it just me or is it funny as hell that there are Democrat fundraising commercials during his speech?

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  19. Trump virus is more proper as Pelosi said!

  20. Holding taxes hostage in order to be reelected? And the only guarantee is "I may forgive them." Watch those loopholes.
    "China Virus" that is not what it is, that is racist.

  21. If we don't have payroll taxes, people won't receive a refund at tax time and those who have to pay will have to pay more at the end of the year. And, if we don't pay Social Security, we won't have Social Security income in retirement. That will NOT be good!

  22. Lies, lies, and more lies. 🙁

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