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President Trump insists he did nothing wrong during Ukraine call

The president of Ukraine said “it was just a call” and that he didn’t feel pressured by president Trump.


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  1. I insist I did nothing wrong when I did 9/11

  2. The question should be ”Is Biden clean?”

  3. If a robber goes into a bank with a gun and starts taking all the money and people’s belonging. You don’t have to wait for the robber to say “this is a robbery.” The human brain automatically connects the dots. Same thing happened here, of course Trump wasn’t going to say i will only release military aid if you dig up dirt. His actions speak for him

  4. More lies from the mainstream media. Enemy of the people.

  5. Y’all want to do 1000 investigations into the Donald but none into the other parties candidates, this is why we’re gonna win 2020

  6. My God America Your President just can`t keep out of Trouble,Why every time he opened his God Dam Mouth ,his foot must be down his own throat!!!! Talk about investigations by another country`s leader Trump Stoop lower than the dirt he stands on.

  7. That's why I voted for him. The government was due for a shake up. Drain the swamp!

  8. It's a yes or no question! Dodging the question just tells us YES you believe it's wrong, but ate to chicken shit to admit it!

  9. Why won't the house vote on impeachment tho? Where are the legal repercussions for all these "subpoenas" ?

  10. Bull crap.. hes perfect in anything hes done..since day one demos have not stopped trying to sabatage him ..non stop non stop non stop.. america is going down while semos are DIS tracting the pres to keep up his job ..its a ambush..BUT HES GOOD UNDER PRESSURE .BECAUSE HE KNOWS HES DONE NOTHING WRONG …REALITY!!!??? THINK WITH BRAIN, IF HE DID ANYTHING WRONG FOR REAL… HE WOULD HAVE BEEN OUT ALING TIME AGO…ITS ALL A POLITICAL GAME … THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US AMERICANS IT ALL ABOUT WHO WINS POLITICALLY ??

  11. Ahhh ?? The president's job is to find corruption ! So instead of holding CREEPY Joe Biden accountable ! Democrats are impeaching Trump ?


  13. TRAITOR TRUMP. The media just asked is it okay to ask a foreign country for help on a campaign? Are you fucking kidding me

  14. Polls,, they are used to shape public opinion, not reflect it.,,,,,Is it appropriate for a president or vice president to investigate a political rival? Just ask Hillary, (Steal dossier),,, she actually payed for it,, and how about Joe,, he really did threaten Ukraine by threatening to withhold funds unless Ukraine fired their top attorney,, and put Hunter Biden on a huge payroll with an energy company,,, but where is the biased swamp media attacking this fact?

  15. My hope is that Rick Perry pushes back against Trump and the White House and go before Congress and tells them all he knows. Perry was a great here in Texas. The only Republican I vote for he is a good man

  16. He really don't think something is wrong with that. Well life goes on.

  17. If You vote for a criminal(trump), you get crimes, PERIOD !!!

  18. Calling the hitman to do a hit on your political rival is not attempted murder then Maybe he is King! King Nothing.

  19. Ask the the president he been perfect since day 1

  20. Time to confiscate the nuclear football.

  21. "President insists he did nothing wrong" at this point who gives a shit what the President says?

  22. Hey real Americans Trump supporters are evil satonic demons from hell if Trump lynched his vice president on national tellivision his supporters would say this lynching was law and constitutional nothing wrong about it they would say it on TV with a straight face and even more scary be serious this is worst than Hitler and his Nazi regime we're in trouble you guys

  23. Diversions to point away from Biden's crimes exposed. Not gonna work. Fireworks ahead.

  24. “You’ll have to ask Michael”. I don’t know, I can remember. Lower RED Republicans communist backed puppet US president.

  25. Dear ABC News and friends,
    Thank you for posting.
    Minute 0:21
    OMG! Asking a foreign country for.. help?! 🤯
    Blasphemy! 😠
    Jerusalem is in Isreal.
    If it was inside the Ukraine I bet we would have no issue.
    Maybe we should move it there, along with England.
    Oh, we like the British don't we?
    Ain't no difference folks.
    Truth! 🧐
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌾🕊

  26. The thing that upsets me the most ,is knowing that people in America don’t care , some people don’t want to take the time to educate themselves .

  27. Hey Trump supporters if this were Obama would you still be in supportence of this phone call with a outside nation in regards to a us representative ? Answer is no you'd be calling for a emit till lynching all this hate and evil by is what people our punishment is Mexicans just watching us be stupid while they poor across the boarder they already took Mexico California Arizona new Mexico and a few more States I haven't investigated the facts to include stop supporting this dude y'all better than that

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