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President Trump links video games to mass shootings, explained | Just The FAQs

President Trump says video games contribute to the culture of violence that leads to mass shootings in the U.S.. Research says otherwise; we explain.

Video games again have been invoked as one of the causes of violence in the U.S. in the wake of mass shootings this weekend in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

President Donald Trump, who last year held a video game summit after the February 2018 Parkland, Florida, shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, was among several public officials who called out video games as a potential factor in shootings, mentioning video games and violence.

President Donald Trump on Monday condemned white nationalism and said he supported “red flag” laws, which could limit a person’s access to firearms if the person is determined to be a potential threat to the public.

He also decried, “the glorification of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome and grisly video games that are now commonplace.”

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  1. I feel in lava in minecraft
    Welp time to blow up walmart

  2. I played a lot minecraft, now im killing every animal i find.

  3. Me just farming watermelons in minecraft: wTF IAM JUST FARMinG Watermelons

  4. Me just playing fsx multiplayer:ok…………

  5. All my answers are correct in one more answer is now this thing called I forgot the name of these people who feel they cannot get a significant other and feel alone and there's a website for that too.. I just like to thank technology and all those smart people who create all this great technology she's just screw the whole world up instead of working on artificial gravity

  6. America is not good when you add more than four races just the facts four races are good and pretty much all Christian any more than that it's all going to hell

  7. Are you kidding me Trump is going to say video games.. Trump is nothing but a fire starter to an already warning signs of dry and combustible season of humanity.. he is the wrong imbecile that believes in nationalism for the haves and believes she can bring back Leave It to Beaver.. the world is too small when are you people going to realize that… you won't because it's in the Bible it's called Revelations

  8. Idiot. I guess that means poker is to blame for Bonnie and Clyde…

  9. We have the dumbest president ever blaming video games for the mass shooting we have in this country

  10. I wonder how the pro-Trump gamers responded to this one lol.

  11. Oh yeah let’s forget boxing and Vicent movies and hateful music and terrorist groups

  12. Did anyone bother to read the balloon

  13. Everyone ignores when they learn the shooter was bullied, but video games? No no that’s what causes kids to shoot up their high school

  14. Soooo there were two world wars, video games didnt even exist, and yall just gunna blame something that takes away stress? If videogames were the reason why there were mass shootings, trump would be dead ten years ago

  15. Left blames video games for violence = okay
    Right blames video games for violence = bad

    Clown world everyone.

  16. I think that people who play shooting games can think of standing there in real Life with their friends. Feeling the enviroment around you and seeing your enemies if that is correct and then pull the trigger, try living in that thought and I think you can learn that Life is though, Hope it is explained in a way that other people can understand

  17. Wonder why the military makes video games it sells on the open market that it also uses to train soldiers ? i bet because it doesn't work ..Neither do archetypal patterns in in TV and movies ..
    We don't have any movies where the lone male figure saves the day buy killing all the enemies of the people he perceives to be a threat , no the people are not bombed out with this pattern ! ROFl

    There is no Perseus , Hercules , Thor , superman, Rambo, Jesus like figure in every corner of the Americans mind that has spread around the world like a cancer ..The Romans knew this and used it ..and so do we

  18. I get what there trying to say shooting games has no point but to teach gun violence but I don’t get how they say this can cause this most people who play gta or payday 2 etc play it for fun and don’t want to shoot people after they play this if anything movies cause this for example the holy would shoot out was basses off a bank heist movie at least some of it the only way I can see people getting encouragement to start a shooting from a video game is a cereal killer but I don’t think the owner of the game would want him to play it

  19. what's with all the butt-hurt gamers that don't even listen to the video but have a knee-jerk response to the title?

  20. I've been playing too much PBS kids games, bouta shoot up my local mall

  21. Video games have been around for a good 60 years but the fact the graphics and visuals have evolved has caused concern for these dumbasses

  22. In my opinion, amarica has more muder an violent crime because of lack of founding to schools, family's an mental care, there is a huge disconnection between humans in amarican society. Somone 50 or 60 years old looks at a 20 yr old with such disrespect an exspects respect in return. Theres so much more i could say, but its a pointless statement on YouTube comment section. Anyone else got thoughts?

  23. Maybe it's just the gun laws and not video games hmmm

  24. More Video and Game Control over Gun Control itself…
    Dumb Trump

  25. Im gonna break in to house

    Blames minecraft

  26. candidates cant blame themselves anymore

  27. So… I should stop feeding my pigs, trading villagers and stop mining?


  28. I never knew that Trump worked in IGN

  29. So can’t we say the same thing about every single movie made that has shooting in it. Like 95% of movies. Let’s ban movies guys.

  30. So because a few people with fucked up minds can't stop their urge to kill people due to terrible parenting. let's blame this on a recreational activity that millions of stable minded people use to enjoy and just ban it. Guess video games and guns just turn people into monsters guys.

  31. There weren't any videogames when America was great. #MAGA
    Stop your crying, Beta Boys, it's just videogames. You can live without them.

  32. Me: plays Stardew valley normally, no mods, has a bunch of chickens with chicken puns as their names, a large bee farm, and a cat named Bumble.
    Me: Boy I’m gonna shoot up a school.

  33. It's the fact you can literally walk into a walmart and buy a LIVE weapon. It's nothing to do with games.

  34. Ok donald trump you are dumb as hell you don't know the real reason why shit like this happens it's because people are treated like dog shit and they mind is telling them what there doing by killing others is right it's not video games you dumb bastard

  35. Korean people spend the most money on them, yet dont kill millions every year, you can't blame the problem on video games, when you dont know how to run a country. Its your fault, not the video games, not the guns either, its your fault that the people hate other races, its your fault the mall in el Paso got shot up, again, its the people and you, trump, not the guns, video games, movies, or anything

  36. If video games were the cause, then why is gun violence a uniquely american issue?

    There has been no scientifically-confirmed connection between violent video games and real crime. Using video games as a scapegoat is only going to divert us from fixing the actual problem.

  37. Bruh yeah let me just go kill a black dragon with purple eyes who shoots fireballs and is in another dimension in real life with a glowing sword

  38. If video games influences how a person behaves, then Trump must have played Papers, Please.

  39. I will cause a mass shootings if they take away video games

  40. The reason why Stalin killed his own people was because he played golden eye on his N64

  41. I believe it.ever since I was.playing house of the dead I was like if.I.had a gun my step dad would be zombie food.

  42. Movies are far more violent than video games. I don't see anyone trying to ban movies.

  43. Has anyone ever been shot with a videogame?

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