Monday , November 29 2021
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President Trump participates in the establishment of the U.S. Space Command (LIVE) | USA TODAY

President Trump is holding a Rose Garden event to commemorate the establishment of the U.S. Space Command, as the president pushes for the creation of his sixth branch of the military, the Space Force.

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  1. F**k Trump the Tard in Charge ! May he burn in hell. I'm sure there's a special place reserved just for the crooked bastard !

  2. Reminds me of call of duty ghost 😂 oh boi if it turns out like that the world is screwed

  3. Pence looks like a beagle told to sit and really excited for Trumpie to turn around and release him.

  4. The British prime minister and trump must be brothers or go to the same barber, you both should get a real hair cut. Hahaha.

  5. President doodoo🙊🙉🙈👿💨💨💩💥💩💫🌟💨🔥💩

  6. Something seems “off” with him on this speech. Something up.

  7. HAHAHA LOL!!!

    So much fun reading the jealous green bile of the Hillary Clinton orphans!!! What are you going to do when she's INDICTED???

  8. 23 trillion in debt. I promise to get rid of it. Oh let's cut taxes and spend money on the space force instead.

  9. Send the whole Trump crime family into space. Didn't they have a space force in the revolutionary war ?😆😅😃😂😃😅😆😅😃😂😃😅😆😅😃😂

  10. Lol….. HR 8791 – go look it up. Homeland Security Preparedness Bill. And I quote " The Airforce will be paid classified amount of dollars because of its Other Worldly Strengths " Explain…..Other…… Worldly….. Strengths.

    They already have stuff out there. Where do you think 22 Plus trillion went from HUD and DOD? Plus the 20 some Trillion on Banker bailouts, looted gold from other Nation's, Drug money etc. And everyone is always in Debt. The National Debt. Oh the poor debt.

    Now they want more so they are going public like it's something new. Liars! Donald Trump! I'm calling You a Liar! Right to your Face!

  11. When the peaceful extraterestrial intelligent arrives i will tel them to save me and to take me with them…to free me from this prison planet…i know in other planet everything is done os favors not money….

  12. This is reality…Let that sink in.

  13. Roger Ramjet he's our man…hero of our nation….you've got to be kidding me. I don't usually comment twice but FFS. Even the flag looks like a joke. I need a drink.

  14. traitor trump's actually the first astronaut–con man went deep-state up putin's ur-anus

  15. trump may as well start sucking jews on tele

  16. Can we aim the satellite at the WH and Mar-a-Lago?

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