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President Trump releases transcript of call with Ukrainian president | ABC News SPECIAL REPORT

A complaint filed by a whistle-blower regarding the call has prompted a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. READ THE TRANSCRIPT:

Trump urged Ukraine to work with Barr and Giuliani to probe Biden: Call transcript

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  1. Bidden really needs needs to be investigated. Thank the Lord the President is doing something about the corruption going on in the Democrat party.

  2. More BS from the Democrats! Trump supporters have been described as deplorable! Why? Because we want secure orders and safety for our citizens? Because we want lower income taxes? Because we want job growth? Because we appreciate the exceptional growth in our economy with the lowest unemployment rates in decades? Because we want a strong Military? Because we want a President that will take a strong stance against China, North Korea and Iran? Because we think Americans should enjoy the fruits of our labor and not have government spend our hard earned taxable dollars to educate, medicate and incarcerate illegal immigrants! Because we appreciate energy independence and no longer dependent on the unstable middle east for oil? Because we want a President that loves America and will put America first!

    We may be deplorable but the Democratic Party is despicable! They have nothing and do nothing that benefits America. They know they can't defeat Trump in 2020. All they have is investigation after investigation. The Democrtat party is attempting a coup of a duly elected American President and those involved should be imprisoned! If the Democrats continue on their unlawful march toward impeachment their party will experience a Shit Storm of unprecedented proportions!

  3. Remember the revolutionary war was fought over taxation and confiscation!!!!! REMEMBER!!!!!!!


  5. In 1999 president Bill Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine on the issues the both United States and Ukraine can investigate each other and it does not have to be criminal so therefore trump asking the president of Ukraine was completely legal badd journalism and news not telling the truth

  6. It is apparent that most EU and American leaders and politicians see the ordinary citizen as fools, since we are seldom told the truth what goes on behind doors. Is this the world we want to live in? Where our representatives in Washington and Europe lie to us in a world dominated by a few repulsive, egotistical wealthy elites? Will we allow their unfathomable despotism to lord over our lives from crooked centers of power in Washington and Brussels? Is there not one patriot or honest man or politician left who will stand up against this terrible injustice being forced on mankind?

    The only solution remains at the ballot box. That is one answer, but we must be vigilant who we are electing because today in both the EU and America most mainstream parties have proven they are all basically the same, with the same agendas, and rigged party platforms used to get their candidates elected. And they all take money campaign donations from the same wealthy shady donors and lobbyists who happily provide funds in return for political favors.

    Most people in the mainstream news media and know this and pretend it isn’t happening. They complain about Trump, and I do as well, but where were those same people when George W. Bush was elected President? No one said a thing when he started the phony War in Iraq. George W was probably the worst war-mongering president we ever had with his lies about Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet most of our news media in the EU and U.S. backed Bush and sold us that phony WMD story. What kind of responsible news media is that?

  7. I think that they better leave our guns rights alone till after the next election because of the childish hate the left has for Trump. This country is becoming more and more insecure every day that goes by and the citizens have a right to protect them self from tyrants like we are witnessing.

  8. We want the computer server haha just another Con-man..This is Anarchy asking the Ukrainians for dirt…and this thug fucker puts a hit on the whistle blower you racist pig..

  9. Dear cat gurl….I want to apologize to yu if I was insensitive or otherwise unkind in any comment I made to you. Yes, I support Trump. And I truly DID NOT intend my opinion to come across as inflammatory or confrontational. Not at all. When yu said that yu question my sanity, it is ok. You have every right to your opinion. I believe this comment section is for we all to express our desires, views and hope for our blessed U.S.A. I tried to do so in a kind way but I know I’m far from perfect, infact, VERY FAR from…but I’m trying to be better on a daily basis. Trying…
    My best wishes that yu do something good for yourself today…and to somebody else.

  10. Do you believe what you read or what I tell you what it means.

  11. Anyone who has even a rudimentary knowledge of how our government works and is honest with themselves knows that this push for impeachment is going absolutely nowhere.
    Pelosi and her cronies took the bait…hook, line, and sinker.
    Reel 'em in and filet 'em, Mr. President.

  12. Apparently it upsets ABC/CBS/NBC that the duly elected president is trying to discover if one of the long-standing swamp rats was involved with international corruption.
    For those actually wanting to know the truth about what happened you can go here… (you won’t be able to leave a comment there because Google/YouTube is complicit with the swamp rats and disabled them).

  13. In my opinion if you're going to drain the swamp you've got to get dirty. Do what it takes to stop those demon democrats that's corrupted Washington for too long! They hate our President including the media. All the so called experts said he wouldn't even be nominated for President. Well he is and I pray he will be for four more years and those demons get what's coming to them and In 2020 they can all go to you know where!

  14. Why are these people calling Biden “ Vice President “? He isn’t the Vice President any more, hasn’t been in a few yrs, could it be that this channel is bias?🤔
    If I was American, Joe Biden wouldn’t be even close to first pick. I doubt Trump actually thought he’s a threat to him .

  15. Dems are slowly dismembering their themselves for this upcoming election. It's over.

  16. I thought Hillary's server is where the evidence about the sale of uranium to Iran is. She did the deal and the former Ambassador of Ukrane was aware of or in on. That is what everyone is hiding. Everything else is a smoke screne.

  17. Trump has said a lot on this matter, haha. But what about Pence tho? How much was he involved, if at all? Has Pence said anything thus far?

  18. Arms for Biden dirt. 2016 it was undo Magnitsky Act sanctions for Clinton dirt.

  19. Send traitor piece of shit tramp to prison. Put him in a cell with bill cosby

  20. Biden and Trump BOTH did wrong, BOTH are corrupt, and BOTH need to be held accountable. BOTH of them, not just one of them. Both. Neither one needs to be using the other as an excuse or justification for their own action.

  21. Facts bro the Mueller Report confirmed corruption in the White House so this just reinforces that.

  22. Biden and his son fucked up and now the media is screeching because Trump wants an investigation. This is so fucking ridiculous

  23. The Democrats sound like they have nothing on Trump and this is just another attack against Trump not even against Republicans. Once this blows over the Democrats will probably move on and attack Trump for something else which won't work again

  24. The bottom line is….who steal my money idiot!!!

  25. 🏃‍♀️❤🖤❤Somos la otra parte del ,Universo,aquella que nadie acepta que existe…Lenin y Natasha.

  26. Trump was talking about the DNC server…you STUPID DINGLEBERRIES over at ABC…

  27. Read the entire transcript…nothing improper at all…

  28. 4:47 – How did Trump find out about Hillary's missing server? … I thought she shredded them all

  29. Pierre deserves a bleeping memo for keeping his thoughts straight with that blowhard talking in the background.

  30. This is the best video ive watched so far explaining this whole thing

  31. This dude`s glasses are sick!

  32. There all Corrupt Fuck em All

  33. How do you trumpanzees live with yourself, you cant even study your history. The prosecutor in the Ukraine was a corrupt, the entire world was pushing him out before Hunter Biden even got his job.

  34. So they made him turn over the transcripts? I can't believe he did it.

  35. Everything Trump touches turns to crap and now the republican party has turned into the party of unlawful and disorder. TreasonousTrump needs to go!

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