Saturday , January 23 2021
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President Trump speaks at Conference on American History | USA TODAY

President Trump delivers remarks at the White House Conference on American History during visit to the National Archives Museum in Washington D.C.

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  3. America was founded on the basis of a rapacious CAPITALISM, from top to bottom, from inside to outside, involving genocide of the indigenous people (and their ongoing marginalization through the ensuing centuries) and slavery for the sake of profit. Yes, progress was made through the course of time but it was made by those who expressed their patriotism through constructive criticism, as well as resistance to, the culture and society they were a part of… and THIS is what Howard Zinn chroncles through his materpiece, A People's History of the United States. The genuine progress that was made in this country is being destroyed by Trump and what the Republican Party has become, namely the Cult of Trump. People, this speech by Trump is pure fascism, (that is if you know what fascism really is, if you can use the term as more than a vague insult, if you know what it factually is). What we hear in Trump's speech here is the exaggerated, ultra-patriotism characteristic of fascism that creates the conformity that fascism demands. The USA is turning into the FSA – the Fascist States of Anerica, before our eyes… before our eyes…Listen: America IS great. I love this country. But what I see happening before my eyes – and hear coming through my ears in this speech – is the death knell of our greatness and the dawning of a dark sun of tyranny.

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  5. the "miracle" of American history?

  6. Actually, Trump's words are toxic and divisive. Really interesting how he turns it around on black folks and THEIR
    experiences of American history.

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  8. On Pence's talk: Now HOW you live up to these principles is what matters–how you live up to them and how you fail to live up to them.

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  11. USA 🇺🇸 is a dump ruled by a lunatic that needs professional help! 🤮

  12. Blatant lies . Ripping apart our military because he was too much of a COWARD to serve this great country . Then to keep vital information about the virus which has killed almost 200,OOO innocent people . And his only concern is his power and his money . Such a low life human if you can call him human..your day will come trump and it won’t be to your advantage!!! We have had enough of you!!

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  14. THE FIRGET TO TELL YOU THAT NO REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT SINCE 1921 , HELD OFFICE WITHOUT STarting a recession.some we're good presidents .This one we have now Does not fit into that category . Absolutely the worse president in History . Google – who was the last Republican president that did not have a recession. You will be surprised with what you see. History Facts!

  15. News has been abused to make a great asset look awful. Where do we begin again? Can we undo 4 years of hate to a great person who only loved his country so much he devoted his every second to making it better while being hated and attacked 24/7? Are we that bad? Yeah we did and yeas he was good. He deserves 4 more years and hopefully to not be tortured the entire time? Are we capable of that? At this point.. I doubt it. The hate is like molasses on a filter.. Unable to clean and into every crevice. Hate has cracked our country and it isn't from those who adore. We will forever remember the haters. No coming back. You killed forgive and forget forever. Perhaps apology tour won't be Iraq but to the American minds you raped daily! Maybe next time demobrats you will have a plane people will embrace and not your gawdy race crap that are so far from actually being about it but a hate arm of your sickness. Yeah! WE KNOW!. Good luck with that. Worse then all is your ignoring it. You want power and your tactics make you unable to care for the dead, Voices matter. Please stop speaking at all! you only bring PAIN! =( =( =(

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  17. America has a President who has brought peace to an area that hated them most. God must be smiling. No other person has been able to do what Donald trump did. He deserves a medal for peace. We must get past old idolization that wreck hearts, wreck nations and play war. ENOUGH! We must and shall never again allow division by money for bombs but a sharing of fruit and foods. God praise the orange man! Take heed to those who call him bad when his hands have only done honor to all nations. May we find peace and love. I want to hug all people who share a embrace of love and light, food and growth. A new way, a new leader and peace to all! that stop enriching on illegal arms, drugs and body parts. Those who partake in evil need to go directly to hell. Prosperity and peace is seen under The Trump. Thank you! Thank all nations do not let back the evil. We can and will without evil! Stand strong and pray! Please!


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  21. Then bring back the constitution because informed Americans know that it’s a joke and that we have no rights.

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