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President Trump’s final acts

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer looks at the Trump administration’s eleventh-hour actions and their long-lasting impacts.

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  1. I'm looking forward to Trump's inauguration for his second term on 1/20/21.

  2. Actually, I think trump rigged it so he'd get 74 million votes… But still lost bcz 80 million people voted him out… That's why trump can't believe it, rigged it and lost…. Kermit the Frog 🐸 would've still got 80 million!… Ha!

  3. His final act should be to bring back the House for Un-American Activities

  4. First of all–this is not to "cement his legacy", it's more to "cement payoffs"–probably thinly disguised as donations to a Legal Defense Fund or some faux charity, or even a Swiss Bank Account. The man is a sociopath, and he knows he's going to be in deep financial and legal trouble when he's no longer president. I guarantee you everything he does between now and Jan 20 has either a) a pay-off in the works, or b) will be an effort at some sort of revenge.

    Second, it's bullshit and media sensationalism that "it could last for years". These things will be so only if Biden fails to act to reverse them. Anything that can be changed with a stroke of a pen between now and Jan 20 can be undone the same way, in the same period of time–even shorter if Biden acts. Clinton tried to implement new ergonomic rules in the waning days of his presidency, and it was undone by Bush almost immediately–with very little time and effort required. The corporations paying off Trump to make these changes will act quickly–on mergers they otherwise could not do, or other actions where they can make it a fait accompli, but still the regulation changes can be undone as quickly as they were done, and they will have a narrow window of time.

  5. Biden did NOT Win.
    Deep down, you all know it.

  6. Trump is countering the agenda
    Of the Marxist liberals who seek to enact policies to destroy America. These policies include these subjects:

    Open borders
    Higher taxes
    2nd Amendment Gun Rights.
    Balanced Trade
    Strong Military
    Job Creation
    Speech Censorship
    Sanctity of life
    No lockdowns
    On and on….
    If you deny how the liberal agenda will affect you through the radical change of these topics, you are already brainwashed.
    Wake up people! You had the greatest country in the world and you are throwing it all away…..just because MSM tell you Orange man is bad. You have been conditioned to hate.

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  9. I waiting for the Trumpets:
    🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸
    “It’s not the end”
    “Biden hasn’t won”

  10. Who would ever allow the Republican Party to take the reins again after this debarcel. Trump is nothing but a spiteful, nasty lowlife. Who could look up to a man like that…..

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  12. There was no cheating
    What if trump had won he wouldn't be
    Talking about cheating. The man doesn't care about anybody
    But himself.

  13. You Lost . Give it a rest now.
    Tired of hearing the same old crap .

  14. Send the immigrants to Canada

  15. I would like to see more exucutions esp. for some who committed meditated treason

  16. I hope this is a learning lesson to Americans not to vote for candidates that have absolutely zero experience in politics.

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