Thursday , December 3 2020
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President Trump's 'public charge' rule blocked by federal judge | USA TODAY

Judge blocks President Trump’s public charge rule that would have made it harder for immigrants to come to the U.S.
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The rule would have made it more difficult for immigrants to obtain legal residency if they are likely to become dependent on the government.

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  1. For illegal immigrants, they should not be here unless they are legal! BUILD THAT WALL!!!🇺🇸😡🗡🛡🔫💣💥

  2. USAT thank you for NOT giving this illegitimate administration a platform to spew their lies and misinformation.

  3. Now if you could only remove it's face from the thumbnail please.

  4. Yeah! Does that mean we can throw Drumpf 😈 🔥 and his family out of the country for using OUR tax dollars to go to his properties and drain the treasury??? Sorry POS TRAITORS 😈 🔥 THEY ALL BELONG IN PRISON 😈 🔥 Better yet in front of a FIRING SQUAD 😈 🔥

  5. Draining cash away. Like the Billions handed out to farmers. And that top 1%>

  6. Amen sisters this what America about

  7. Is it the immigrants or the endless wars and tax cuts for the rich that are draining our coffers?

  8. There not our problem that's all these Judges do is obstruct our president for helping the country they all should be fired off there bench traders stop obstructing Trump just to try to still an election I thought a judge is supposed to stop people from doing criminal acts not supporting them put these Judges in jail traders
    Another four years Trump 2020

  9. Wow! I can't believe that Trump could get any worse. He should stop draining our economy!!

  10. Unreal. Now it's time to put these people in districts of Congress people who support them.

  11. American society is becoming very scumbag lately

  12. Trump is right. I see Americans,struggling with homelessness and other issues. We are not a Welfare State. You wanna do something for foreigners go do it yourself,with your money,outta your own pocket. Dont do it with my tax dollars.

  13. Another win for Trumptards

  14. Why do Democrats want bums coming here?

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