Saturday , February 27 2021
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Press secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing

White House press secretary Jen Psaki held a briefing in the Briefing Room. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Thank you President Biden. Finally some leadership in the White House.

  2. Fed up of all the lies by politicians, so draining…

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Facci proves his Actor/Doctor credentials.

  4. theres so much jealousy from the criminal clinton crew that they have to lie about constantly, from trumps political popularity and accuracy and honesty to the press relationship rules that the public know are the definitions of fake news and covering up democrat corruption. jen is their answer to kaylees popularity with the public and its the same expired obama era ego inability that joe thinks is a solution. its how their entire political mindset functions, from their activist agenda abuses to their illegal interference excuses. the standard of american democracy has been hijacked and substituted with a trust factor less than what congress receives, and its the symbol of democrat authority, i.e. jealous democrat political inabilities unable to influence the public with facts defaulting to lying denying covering up and being congratulated by nobody other than liars for doing it. its a legacy that cant even print a real poll on it, because of it. lol.

  5. Does she not own a hairbrush ?

  6. No shite the vaccines laying around people don’t want to take it a lot more than the main stream media would have you think we’re not idiots

  7. Well, my question is this, "Republicans are against things, aren't they meanies?"

  8. Wow, a stuttering, stammering, fearful press asking questions without challenging anything – the way things should be. I can sleep easy tonight!

  9. If you come to my house pushing the gospel of Pfizer and Moderna you’re going to see the barrel of a 12 gauge shotgun, That will nicely, without words send a message that you need to leave.

  10. What about the many people who have died from the vaccine? A big elephant in the room eh?

  11. Wow! What a difference of the questions being asked! Softball questions! Is this the same demons that treated Kayleigh like she was waiting for the slaughterhouse!

  12. The border wall has worked and if you say it hasn't THEN YOU ARE A LIAR!

  13. No questions answered.These Reporters are fakes for sure no tough questions Were is hunter.

  14. We peons have to wear a mask but not the democrats. Come on man. Hypocrites

  15. If we can impeach a President that is not in office then Obama can be impeached too.

  16. It's not the stock Facci owns is why he thinks he is the only Dr. Opinion that counts.This press briefing is a joke

  17. Sure plateauing, election is over

  18. Weird FOX is covering real news. Is QAnon off today?😂😂😂

  19. Impeaching a private citizen can't legally be done so how about we start impeaching these fools who call themselves reporters! Let's do it

  20. Russia? Oh gosh, don't imagine that China is actually the ones who we better be watching but because both or all bidens are in bed with china, they don't get mentioned! Amazing. When are people going to wake tfu?

  21. This press conference is a joke

  22. Lots of vaccines laying around BECAUSE PEOPLE DON'T WANT THEM!

  23. I miss the blonde lady, she was so much more engaging.

  24. Wear a mask like CCP orders, lol

  25. Is there 100m people who will take the vaccines or will they force everyone to take it? Just saying
    These stupid fake reporters know that President Trump has this going. Corrupt actors are sickening!

  26. How many times did she say uh uh uh, she’s horrible.

  27. Now Faker Fauci is saying if something goes wrong, there won't be finger pointing, they'll figure it out and correct it. F off!! Why couldn't you do that with Trump??(

  28. Little common sense people mask make you sicker 🤦🏻‍♂️ dumb Government dumb lot of sheep here🐏

  29. Watch her face. There is something wrong with the way she smiles.

  30. Amazing, Biden 2 months ago said " Trumps vaccine cannot be trusted" now he wants to give it to everyone.

  31. This supposed doctor is nothing but a lying pos

  32. Vile cheaters and worse. Installed by CCP! We all know it!!! The Free World is repulsed by all of you!

  33. I hope you’re happy because, 75 million are not. This is sad. Our country is doomed to Rome’s fate.

  34. So she is the best they got?

  35. STOP THE STEAL🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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