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PRIMARK HAUL! Summer 2016 | Fashion Mumblr

A huge Primark Haul & Try On – lots of new pieces for Summer 2016! Beauty, Fashion, Home & more!

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  1. If you are ever in Oklahoma…..It would be fun to shop with you.😁

  2. I love your primark haul and style. 😍😍😍 i am planning to do my own primark haul vid, can you give me some advice please and thanks. 😊

  3. Supporting primark seriously? The factory that burnt down and has inhumane working conditions and avoids its responsibility on compensation? CHEAP clothes have HIGH SOCIAL COSTS

  4. It looks like a damask design, or some may refer to it as swirls but I would say damask and not Indian. I wish we had a Primark in Los Angeles. A lot of the London Utube folks show great Primark hauls. Thank you

  5. Omg look at all the plastic wraps!! Where will it goes?

  6. hey I love you and charlie love your videos you always look lovely and fresh xxxxx

  7. Hello, i really enjoyed your videos… You are bubbly lovely young woman …. Hope you have a great day

  8. me encantan tus videos eres muy guapa y natural me encantas , saludos desde España

  9. are you married or with bf..if so ,,do us a boyfriend tag video please ,,cheers luv

  10. I think the iphone battery is amazing! I use mine so much every day but only charge it every 3rd day 🙂 great haul, love primark. xx

  11. I wish you could shop online on Primark..

  12. What lipstick is this? It's so beautiful 😍

  13. "Straight in my basket" … 🙈🙈🙈 I couldn't not. I'm sorry. 😂

  14. How much is that Throw? Looks so soft^^

  15. your cups are paisley design i think! i also love primark homeware – our dog has the old throws too!

  16. this was…a really boring haul. plain socks/blanket/towels, make up wipes etc….needs more clothes

  17. A must have for any Primark lover, you need to invest in one of their big reusable shoppers. No more broken overfilled shopping bags on the way home. has saved my life a number of times. Think it was about £1👍

  18. hi first video of yours I watched and instantly subscribed I love your channel already. I love how descriptive you are and talkative I am going primark tomorrow so I was checking what was good and you helped me out a lot thnx

  19. Drizzling is not just an English idea, that misty style "rain" is very common in the Netherlands too 🙂

  20. nice haul! what lipstick are you wearing plz? I love the color! 🙂

  21. I love your lipstick😍 what is the brand name ?

  22. Love the lip combo with that top, so fresh!

  23. New subscriber hello 🙂
    That coat is soo pretttyy!! Im going to have to go pick that one up!

    I did a haul on my (new born baby) channel and got some cute fairy lights, candles and my new fav mug from primark! Primark home is seriously ticking all my boxes this year!

  24. Just binged watched 5 of your videos and i am now a new subscriber!! really enjoying watching your videos and cant wait to see whats next <3 <3 <3

  25. hi new sub here like your video y seem a lovely person x😊😆😊

  26. The design on the tumblr is what I wound call paisley?

  27. This was my first video of you and I love you ! You such a friendly person thats amazing ❤ !

  28. Perfect video 'n we find your style that fits our brand amazingly!! Sincerely we would love to work with you, more collaboration details have been sent via market@ourmall.com. Could you check it and reply us asap? Hope to hear from you soon:)

  29. You look so pretty – love this video!! I'm going to do one too… So inspiring!! xxxx

  30. The design is called paisley on your tumbler glasses

  31. IDK if anyone mentioned it, but in America we say Drizzling too, haha what a funny word!

  32. you went passed the 30 k whoop whoop

  33. why would you pay to wear animal skin? go faux everytime!

  34. New to your channel! I don't know why I havent discovered you earlier, such a lovely girl with amazing quality of videos!! Xx

  35. Pro tip: If you want your slippers to stay as soft as they are now, hand wash them! Washing machines are so harsh that they will make the fur pumpy/weird and kind of gross feeling.

  36. I'm new to your channel. looking forward to your next video x

  37. The pattern on the glass is Paisley (named after Paisley in Scotland) but it's called other things too, like in France it's called Palme or Bootar in India.

  38. Loved this! And I believe the print on the tumblers is called paisley xxx

  39. This is the first video i watched of yours. And i enjoyed watching the haul as you are so optimistic and happy love youtubers like you !

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