Prince Harry blasted by judge for no-show in court trial

Prince Harry was reprimanded by a judge after not appearing in court for the first day of trial. The Duke of Sussex is expected to testify in the lawsuit against Mirror Group Newspapers that accuses the organization of allegedly hacking into his phone.

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  1. If its not important enough to show up for its not important. Dismiss it already. Your not royalty here in America 🖕🖕😂😂😂😂

  2. but judge harry thinks he is special…rules do not apply to him….he is harry…he can do whatever he wants and no one can tell him NO……someone should have long ago and many times.

  3. Haz looks a lot like Beavis

  4. I've got news for ya hawwy…cartoon characters are more interesting than you.

  5. All the media proves why Harry is in court today. All of this "He was a no show he was blasted by the judge blah blah"will age extremely badly. Egg on all of your faces, so silly. Stop it.

  6. You know he's a royal highness, so the court is in session when he says it's in session. He was busy.

  7. Just like the People he killed was chess pieces?????

  8. You still are😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. What a clown…..

  10. Just a minute, is he still a prince?….. just wondering.

  11. Chelsea is happy WITHOUT him !!
    He needs his Mummy's photo and her lock of hair to commune with about everything, it's next to his bed !! Christ she must be spinning like a top in her grave !!!

  12. The most luckiest family on Earth all they Have lavish very rich lifestyle coming all from tax payers money my goodness..

  13. He's the image of Henry V111 🤢

  14. Like all the money he's made by whining isn't enough? Now he has to sue for more? It's about money, not Diana, not justice in media. He hates the media unless it's working in his favor. He and his wife found each other for a reason.

  15. 95 percent of the country is struggling to make ends meat. Yet the media seem only concerned with the few rich and ridiculous people

  16. Prince Harry's jet shuts down its engines but the whining doesn't stop!

  17. Still is a cartoon character

  18. Harry has been doing work in Africa for many years protecting rhinoceroses 🦏 .Thank you Harry for caring for the ‘Rhinos’🦏❤️

  19. Crazy he knew his daughters bday date but couldn’t postpone court?

  20. Harry used his children once again. Lili would not have l won it was her bday. Even Archie wouldn’t have known. These kids hardly ever see their parents so they wouldn’t have thought anything of his absence.

  21. God save King 🤴 Harry

  22. So, wait—the judge is upset that the man who is suing the press for invasion of privacy chose not to walk through a throng of reporters? Why not let him testify from another place, as is done for others in the court system?

  23. Why can't this guy ever get a break. Harry's life has always been a conflict. Just sad to watch. And you wonder how much of this is manipulation by his wife.

  24. Who cares about Prince Harry?

  25. attending a birthday party instead of showing up in court… he sure doesn't know his priority

  26. All Harry does is cry and sues everyone. GET A REAL JOB HARRY!! 🇺🇸

  27. Wants his "Day in Court" and then doesn't show. Beyond "entitled", this one.

  28. Why is he using American taxes for his United Kingdom issues ?

  29. He's sueing but not showing up 🙄🤣🤣🤣

  30. Give the guy a chance. He is inbred by generations of inbreeding so he probably just did not understand

  31. "Unlawfully sought information" translation it was not beyond them to resort to criminal activity. Case in point

  32. Quit publishing anything about them. Make them go away!!!

  33. LOL your daughter is 2, she doesnt know when her birthday is. Youd think if you were being assaulted by tabloids you would want to be there to prove your side?

  34. Entitled behaviour much?🙄

  35. Good for the Judge, Harry FORGOT when his daughter birthday was?…..I hope the Judge set him straight!

  36. Harry: They made fun of me. Media: Of course, youre a clown!

  37. Harry, people don’t die from the flash of a camera. They die because they are in a speeding car with a drunk driver at the wheel. And THAT is how and WHY your mother died.