Prison docs expose new details on Epstein’s final days

Attorney Brett Tolman discusses the newly revealed documents that provide more details on Jeffrey Epstein’s death on ‘The Bottom Line.’

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  1. When you go to jail they don't give you abundance of sheets 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Conspiracy theorist we are at about 200.
    Anytime they say conspiracy theorist know that story is true. Very true like 100% true. 😊

  3. It’s obvious it was not suicide he knew so many secrets and all the men and probably some women were in his circle of filth and there willbe many high end people that were visiting him so he had to be silenced it should all come out. Why is PRINCE ANDREW the only person that was called out it’s pity he just went to court. Over it instead of trying to take the shine away vomit his mothers julblleeslmething ain’t right

  4. when one has to ask why in circumstances like this the answer is clear as day n night

  5. Of course he did not commit suicide he was too much of a coward.

  6. Oh, come on! He was clearly killed to cover up crimes of so called "elite".

  7. Don't go sucking up to the transgender nuts FOX.

  8. Conspiracy theorists have had a hell of a batting average the last few years. No objective person could deny it.

  9. It's intentional, the loose system creates PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY

  10. Good luck Albert ,this is not a good time to be Democrat .They alredy F..k Up USA .😟

  11. Trump's regime totally blew this, but then again, Trump and Epstein were friends, so maybe Trump was one of the big names they didn't want to hear from Epstein's mouth. Trump has been known to be a sexual preditor after all.

  12. It's called Clintoncide…..

  13. Bill clintons mafia killed 54 hooked up with his tribe , never prove it

  14. Actually the prisons guards trying to breakdown people like Epstein and taunt them to commit suicide, all the while pretending to protect them. The guards also threaten to arrange too have the killed by other inmates.. You are very naive if you think that doesn't happen.. They've made movies on this, true movies on this. There is no real oversight for these crimes in prisons, because people do not care, so noting ever gets done and they know it. The Justice system protects itself and they are good at it.

  15. VOMITOUS 🤮 and none of these old rich white men ever charged , and still roaming around with billions ??

  16. El sigue vivo, por favor si,su gobierno piensa que todos somos pendejos😂

  17. The commentator made the point they didn’t want any more answers they protected the elite who was also involved with Epstein !!! May it be known someday !!!

  18. Yeah they didn't want to hear what Epstein had to say

  19. The Clintons sanctioned the hit

  20. Personally i think he still alive, either way he did not commit suicide! LIES LIES LIES

  21. Arkansided or witness protection program? We’ll never know, alphabet gangs so overwhelmingly corrupt it’s all a pathetic crime ring.

  22. I admit I didn't go thru this video twice……but I didn't hear anything new

  23. When they call it conspiracy it has truth. This is the elites way of discrediting anyone. Then they'll grab big tech for more dirt on you. Maybe plant child p o r n on your devices is another way they get people taken out.

  24. The truth will set us free! Without truth there is no freedoms.

  25. Ive been telling my parents about this along time ago. As they finally see it on LIve Television they come up to me to apologize for not listening to me. I dont blame them i blame "those powerful people" for twisitng everyones mind.

  26. It's beyond evident they didn't want Jeffery talking …☠️

  27. so Fox is now CNN ? what a load rubish

  28. Bolleks he was merderd

  29. That was a really clean ''suicide'' scene. All those orange sheets and that ''hangman,s''noose looked freshly laundered.

  30. If you can consider suicide as a percentage of the threat to his life plus the percentage of the threat of being murdered l think it be would a given to be greater than that of him doing in himself…..I'm guessing 0 percent chance of escape or unharmed…..NOW WHAT…?


  32. If a=b and b=c, then a=c… If Epstein provided jailbait for high profile people who wanted to keep it quiet, and high-profile people controlled the justice system when Epstein was arrested for providing them jailbait, then high profile people kept Epstein's providing them jailbait quiet… KDM

  33. The latest news in my country was the Richest man in the world at the time I won't name him but lets just say computers was having an affair with a young 30 year old Russian Chess Player who was a Spy for Putin. Epstein knew this and used it as leverage against this Billionaire for certain favors (connections to charity donations etc etc). So if you put one and one together you get two. Not saying it was the richest man in the world was involved but by all means what is Epsteins few Billions going to do to for the Richest man in the world who already has 10's of Billions more in wealth.

  34. The two guards that were asleep and sacked were visited by men in black suits a few months later with a briefcase of cash with one comment "spend this money anywhere but America" and that was that.

  35. conspiracy theories or do you mean Common Sense Theories ?

  36. <Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.>

  37. 100 years ago it wasn't uncommon for 13 years old girls were married in Spain today 16 year old females can drink in bars and do as they please as adults

  38. They still think he wanted to end his own life

  39. It’s not conspiracy… he was murdered 💯 in jail ….truth hidden by leftist

  40. A bunch of baby eating liars

  41. Fake news! He was murdered by the British monarchy. Remember Prince Andrew?

  42. Epstein never killed himself. If anyone believes he did, there are lots of bridges for sale.