Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Probe of NY Gov. Cuomo's conduct referred to state attorney general

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration hires a defense lawyer in response to nursing home scandal. #FoxBusiness #FoxBusinessTonight

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  1. Fk Hillary, who cares what she has to say ! 🤮

  2. Why hasn’t this lump of 💩left office yet ?????????

  3. Don't worry. Hollywood will offer him a contract.

  4. ah ha the state investigates the state ,, yup that always works….

  5. As a western ny er ADOLF CUOMO is the worst gov in newyork state history.Time for this predator to go.

  6. 527,226 deaths 29,314,254 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  7. The elders who was murdered is and should be #1 priority

  8. Too bad ny state attorney just as corrupt. He'll get a free pass on m@$$ mrdr

  9. Cuomo is a murderer….Arrest this criminal!!!…..

  10. GOD is beating all TRUMP ENNEMIES

  11. Covid blue propaganda boxes on a sexual harassment story? WTactualF?

  12. Cuomo is so effing done. And soon DeBlassio is next. NY need to get rid of these 2 SOTB !

  13. Cuomo had a great run at being the biggest turd in politics but after murdering so many elderly people and just being a total pervert in general it's time to flush the toilet and MSM can't keep him above water

  14. 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  15. Andrew Cuomo's better than thou attitude is ever present in his voice. 🤔🧐

  16. "Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign'…"

  17. Cuomo will get nothing for his crimes, if anything just a slap on the hand, Democrats always get away with their crimes.

  18. Please, the real story is the nursing home deaths. This is bull. Get back to the real story and stop covering for him.

  19. Brooklyn NY hates Cuomo. So do I !!!

  20. Wow he murders 15,000 seniors,sign's a bill to allow Abortion up to the moment
    of Birth. And sexual charges, the post boy for the Democratic Party.
    which shows how stupid Liberals are voting for this peace of crap.

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