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Program Overview | OBESE 60 Home Workout Program | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

Obese 60 program is specially designed for Obese and Overweight people who have 30% or more body fat percentage.
Obese 60 is body weight home workout program for beginners. It’s Nutrition plan has designed for Indians (Both men and women from age 15 to 70 years)

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  1. Aapka channel grow kyu nhi ho rha it's really sad thing. Follow gurumaan guys he is the best in this field

  2. Sir weed effect on workout, muscle gaining ke bare me ek video banao..

  3. After 2 months What Program Should i follow

  4. Sir herbal product weight loss k liye kaise hajn

  5. Respect you man. Quick response on your thought. People love you from all over the world and from different communities. Please respect all people rather then just Indian

  6. Guru man g tusi mahan ho ap jesy log hazaron mn b ni milty

  7. Sir himalya quista Pro per video banao plz

  8. Sir fat loss diet chart pr 1 or video banao kya khana cahiye

  9. Thank you so much. Too productive and helpful stuff.
    How about coconut water, buttermilk and curd, can we add that to our meal too?

  10. Can someone please answer how many videos are there in this program #Obese60 Whole program is out?

  11. lv u guruvaiiiii…..❤❤❤❤

  12. Banda yeh bindaaa Hai. Guys I will follow this program you can check updates on my channel.

  13. Ek baat bolu. Aapko dekhkr hi mann khush ho jata h..!! Love u dil se..

  14. Can it be followed by lower 30% fat

  15. Thanks sir I am college student and I am not have much time for going gym because my exams in November
    I am follow this program thanks again Guru Mann sir

  16. does kitogenic diet can b used by obese person?

  17. I have an addiction of watching Guru mann videos even though, I am not fit.

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