Sunday , January 24 2021
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Puerto Rican Voters Tie With Cubans For Largest Latino Voting Bloc In Florida | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Alicia Menendez speaks to Puerto Rican voters in Florida about their views on the 2020 election as they tie for the largest Latino voting bloc in the state.
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Puerto Rican Voters Tie With Cubans For Largest Latino Voting Bloc In Florida | NBC News NOW


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  1. Why they saying a tie with dr n pr if us ricans cant vote ! Unless thier talkin about the ricans in the states. Cause dwn here in da island we hardly got a say so on anything.

  2. Puerto Rico would be instrumental if the election was decided in a popular vote only, however that might play out!

  3. Wow I still don’t understand any Hispanic women voting for Trump! He is so disrespectful to Us!

  4. Tampa, Miami Dade, Broward, Orlando, Tallahassee, & Jacksonville were blue. Now the rest of Florida were red.

  5. Tus report is not accurate Latin Americans Hispanics of the Americas are all understanding of what it takes to be a leader it's not only Florida or Cubans is all in fact Florida votes for trump People understand it's all about the future of our children and future generations. Stop taking credit for nothing. We are all one to advance. Unite.

  6. Cubans in Florida voted for fascist trump. Seems like they want another Fidel Castro it makes no sense.look at the action of this president. Wtf stupid narrative of socialist which is completely BS

  7. "which he's not"…that didn't age well lol

  8. This muafugga delusional, you love the Mexican people but, you wanted to build a wall to keep them out 🤦🏿‍♂️

  9. These people are crazy…look at how Trump treated you …are you kidding me..This is unreal..

  10. PR votes are being revoked in USA

  11. Latinos Are starting to become pathetic

  12. They haven't been here that long.Trump has treating them better than Biden ever will.

  13. he fxxxxxup.!!!!!! he messed up the vivid 19 problems. He ignored it. why???? he does not care. having a few thousand people die,

  14. that statement does not seem correct to me. I don't think that the Porto Ricans (?)voted for trump. re=member what happened in Puerto Rico with the hurricane. How helpful was trump to them at their time of NEED.

  15. Thump will win sorry Biden

  16. It’s disgusting how Puerto Rican’s and Cubans can actually side with Trump as he has done nothing but insults and degrade the Latino/Hispanic community. As a Latino I’m disappointed with my kind.

  17. Hispanics who consider themselves "white" will vote for Trump. No surprise there.

  18. But they DISCOVERED $2 million worth of supplies and medical equipment hidden in Warehouses by EVIL Democrat Politicians that were attempting to make Prez Trump look bad was inspirational for Millions to.  #WALKAWAY from the Democrats Socialist Plantation. .. see thru the Leftist Manipulation and #WALKAWAY  💡

  19. 👎 of alllll the democrats in America  , the DNC chooses this Drooling,  Mumbling dementia case Joe to  represent our party ❓ C'mon Man ! .. we couldn't do better than this ❓

  20. My brown people always get booted it,j ust like the blacks

  21. THESE FOOLS THINK THEY ARE CAUCASIAN….. just because they hold American passports .

  22. When you talk about Hispanic contribution for this country, PR stands in the strongest for a small island like ours. When you talk about military heroes and record of achievement, tales of valor and glory, PR stands the tallest among many other nations, including Hispanic nations. When you talk about affirmative action and performing social and civic duties to help their fellow man, PR is there, when you talk about talent, innovation, science and the arts, PR stands tall, and I could go on and on. Bottom line the PR vote in FL should have the high standing it deserves, and it should be the true vote that makes a difference.

  23. Can’t trust Cubans to vote blue….

  24. Regardless of how this election turns out today – We Must Always Remember How the MAINSTREAM MEDIA BETRAYED THE TRUST of the AMERICAN PEOPLE when we needed them Most. They kept us in the dark about Joe Biden likely being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. It does explain why he was a lone voice praising China while Biden's trade deals were sending Millions of American manufacturing jobs to China. It also explains why he would not have shut down travel from China during the virus, a decision which could have cost millions of American lives.
    Please God, give our people the Wisdom and Strength to understand what is at stake so that we may save this Christian Nation, the light of the world. Please allow us the ability to use our free will to delay end times for as long as possible so we have more time to save more souls by accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior assuring their eternities and building Your Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name I Pray this prayer Lord. Amen. May God Bless & Keep You.

  25. If I have cancer I would love it if my doctor didn’t keep that a secret so that I don’t panic

  26. I question anybody voting for Trump thinking thing's would better for them because of Trump rhetoric about socialism, violence and Jobs are brainwashed. Socialism will may come to America if the entire world becomes socialist.

  27. Boriqua…I35 corridor. Vote for Biden.

  28. 2020
    Nancy J. Altman has a forty-five year background in the areas of Social Security and private pensions. She is president of Social Security Works and chair of the Strengthen Social Security coalition.
    Nancy Altman: So, in the name of accuracy, let me, a Social Security expert who has no reason to shade the facts, be as clear and fair-minded as I can. The choice this November could not be starker or more important for the future of our Social Security system.
    Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are promising to expand Social Security and ensure that all benefits can be paid in full and on time for the foreseeable future by requiring the wealthiest to pay more. Donald Trump promises to end Social Security as we know it. 2020

  29. BIDEN ✌️👌✌️👌

  30. I hope Puerta Rican voters remember how he didn't want to put 1 penny in that place. PR was so damaged and he knew it would cost billions to rebuild its infrastructure…and thought it was a waste of money. Heck he didn't want any more Hispanics in USA. He wanted that money to go to the wall. He never considered PR as part of the USA. I cannot imagine why any Puerta Rican would ever ….EVER….vote for Trump. I guarantee Biden would have never treated PR the same after that hurricane devastation. I donated money and supplies to help PR and I'm retired and on a fixed income. Myself and fellow citizens cared more PR than Trump did….we love & care about our fellow latino citizens.

  31. Who even wins the election, I hope people don’t start burning down businesses and ripping down everything in their path, if their unhappy with the results. Both sides are corrupt, millionaires laughing at us poor folks. Rich people divide and conquer. Put people up against each other…

  32. People should know why are they are voting they should know the issues, how ignorant can you be?

  33. Trump does NOT Care about Spanish People.
    Look How Trump has TREAT You.
    NO Respect for You 🙏

  34. 🙏💙💙🙏

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