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Puerto Rico battles state of darkness

ABC News’ Victor Oquendo reports on the Puerto Rico electricity crisis, as residents protest ongoing blackouts that have occurred since Hurricane Maria hit four years ago.

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  1. Stop giving money send someone to manage the money and get things done!!

  2. Sometimes I hate the American Way of thinking! Like EWWWW

  3. N yt people think the Trump years was a nightmare!! 😂😂😂

  4. Despite the fact that colonialism is a crime against humanity for the past 76 years, and that the United States government (USG) has never complied with the United Nations’ (UN) Charter that prohibits colonialism since 1945, and that the USG has ignored 40 UN resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans, ABC news is talking about everything else but the root of all of Puerto Rico’s problems.
    Colonialism is a recipe for the exploitation of people. Let us all, the 9 million Boricuas worldwide, protest permanently to force the USG to comply with international law. Once we have our own sovereignty, we’ll solve all of our problems ourselves. We’d rather do it ourselves!

  5. US is real quiet… Puerto Rico you better learn how to stand on your, it’s only getting worse out here 👀.

  6. Almost 11 billion dollar grant to rebuild the grid and they've only seen 7 million??? And no one wants to see that someone is playing with money???? So while families suffer others are getting to buy new lamb's and mansions in the Hamptons then these ppl wonder why things get violent????

  7. This is pretty aggravating!!!!!

  8. When puerto rico becomes independent from the USA 🇺🇸 the solutions and prosperity for the island will bring a new beginning, so to all puertoricans if you want to become a state of the USA and have issues at the same time is better to go independent and each puertorican can bring puerto rico into an advanced island

  9. Freaking Biden don’t help out my PR friends😡 instead he’s helping out the migrants come in .

  10. Maybe if you guys weren't such freeloaders and got up every morning to work hard and pay taxes " your island " wouldn't be so bad . Facts even if you dont like this comment



  13. Spain should be paying Puerto Rico for all the indigenous people that it killed for all the history that was taken have Spain rebuild Puerto Rico

  14. FEMA controlled all of that right the federal government of the United States brought these people in to fix and what they do nothing thank you United States for your contractors

  15. So many dishonest greedy politicians and others, are running the country to the ground and now people that are being negatively affected are speaking.

  16. The USA should have not adopted the puerto rico

  17. This is just ridiculous……Biden send in the military…..mission provide power and water…..fix grid……it's a matter of national security

  18. The US media picked this story late and they're making it seem now like P.R. has no power. This happened for like a week and a half and it has been fixed for the past two weeks. Americans do whatever so they can feel better of the mess they're in.

  19. My cousin went off grid went on generator an solar lights. Its nonsense bring our lights back.

  20. Raising the debt ceiling means you can’t pay your bills Now! So let’s add 3 TRILLION more Debt! Blundering biden! Infrastructure bill no, balance the budget bill, yes!

  21. Only way to better the situation in Puerto Rico is by the Puerto Ricans to vote to become the 51st state.

  22. When they start pulling Executives out into the street and beating them the electricity will turn on the next day.

  23. There's no new power company they just divided the monopoly with a private company taking care of distribution while the state owned AEE is still in charge of the generation of electricity.

    As long as the stupid monopolistic model is not broken by allowing multiple competitors to produce electricity nothing will change period.

    The fact that some people want the AEE to go back to the old full monopoly model that led into Maria to begin with showcases that they are masochists to be honest.

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