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Puppy Haul with Becca Rose! | Fashion Mumblr

I’m joined by the fabulous Becca Rose for a Puppy Haul video! We bought lots of pieces from Pets at Home for our little babies so join us as we show you!

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  1. My dogs name is Dexter and they are the same breed

  2. I really want a Chow chow or a pomeranian, and its gonna be named Luna. Im so excited for when i get one!!

  3. Why did she say chocolate coins. Dogs aren't allowed chocolate

  4. Also it's good for your dog to sleep in your bed with you makes them comfortable happy and makes them no you love them and that they are part of your pack

  5. Bullysticks are the best to get them all dogs love them and they are good for teething

  6. U need to find chew bones that look like rawhide but they arnt

  7. Rawhide is bad for them look it up

  8. My puppie was born 3 days ago I'm so exited only 9 weeks to go till she can come home. + the amount of puppie stuff I've bought is starting to fill up my room already and I'm only half done buying

  9. Katy and Adele = one with brown hair

  10. is it just me or does she remind you of adel lol

  11. Becca rose reminds me of Adele!!

  12. I have a puppy like ruffet and I also have mother puppy mix with the other puppy breads

  13. The hair of the dogs is like the same but opposite of the owners📷😉

  14. What's the name of the etsy store? Loved the video❤️

  15. The girl with the brown hair looks like adele

  16. I'm getting a mini/standard red dapple long hair and her name is Sadie. On 11-19-15 I'll pick her up

  17. whats the name of the etsy store??? ur pups are so cute and very loved!!

  18. Lovely puppys! That time goes so fast!I see that Dexter has long hair on his wiener/pipi (how do you say that in English 🙂 )The best tip from my puppytrainer (now about 4 years ago when my Spinger was a puppy) was to cut that hair because it gets filty with urine and he cannot easily clean it.

  19. I've just watched both your videos which were really helpful as I'm getting a cockapoo soon and even though we already have a dog I can't really remember getting it as I was quite young but this time I'll be buying everything😂🌸🐶💘

  20. I loved this! I love the little fluffy bed, it looks so cozy! Dexter and rupert are just so cute!!

  21. Awww i loved this! Both looking beautiful as always! Is it bad i enjoyed this just as much as a beauty haul hahaha! Can't wait to meet Dexter! xxx

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