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Radioactive: Bristol – "Bristol Night Race, man. (Expletive) awesome!" | NASCAR RACE HUB

The best scanner sound from the Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race at Bristol.

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Radioactive: Bristol – “Bristol Night Race, man. (Expletive) awesome!” | NASCAR RACE HUB

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  1. What did you think of this race?

  2. Even DiBenedetto's radio sounds underfunded.

  3. Remove Newman from this series. ASAP.

  4. Typical Ryan Newman, has to ruin someone’s day to keep his hopes for a championship that he’ll never get because he can’t do it on his own!

  5. With more great races like this one Nascar will not die anytime soon. I tuned in because I wanted to see retaliation from the week before. Drama always makes for better racing. I love a good physical altercation lol.

  6. If Jeff says keep doing what your doing than you are definitely doing something right.

  7. I may be a hardcore Jeff Gordon fan but man!!! Matt D made quite a show out there at Bristol!!! I saw the race on tv!!! Had he not made contact with Newman, he would’ve won!!! He was on a roll! It was cool to see Jeff Gordon talking to Matt about the race!!!

  8. What was with maty d radio audio lol

  9. I was at Bristol on turn 3 and I saw Chase Elliott come in in his orange suit

  10. 95 should have dumped Newman, but it's modern day nascar so if your name isn't kyle Busch he would have been penalized.

  11. Come get rid of Hamlin & Newman! Why are they still around?

  12. options for Matty D
    1. 38 car, though corey lajoie is probably taking that ride according to rumors
    2. 32 matt's old ride since lajoie is leaving it
    3. 14 or 41, depends on boywer or suarez and contract reups and cole custer stuff
    4. the 1 car, though chastain has a good shot, and kurt could stay
    5. the 20 xfinity car, he would take over bell's current ride and wait for a year or 2 for another opportunity
    6. jr motorsports takes him for xfinity
    that is it, if none of those happen, matty d is done, and likely out for good

  13. Austin chickenshit dillon at it again. Absolute disgrace to motorsport

  14. Can someone just put Newman in the wall already?

  15. Of course no neck Newman ruins it all for Matt D

  16. Oh the irony, DH beats Wheels. Why did he switch teams, anyway? Did JGR let him go?

  17. Who has ideas about where Matt will be next season? Taking over for 14,17,43,6, or maybe even 24?

  18. Dibenedetto is going to be the most popuar driver besides Chase. Sponsers put pressure on top car owners to hire Matt Dibenedetto. What a race and Great racing name.

  19. Man, if only dibbenedetto could make the playoffs ;-;

  20. I don't know any fan that DIDN"T want Matti D to win! Everyone did!

  21. I hope Matty D gets picked up by a good team. He should take the number 20 car….

  22. I never rooted for a driver to win a race but I sure did that night

  23. Been waiting for this… you know it was a good race when people are watching their notifications for the Radioactive

  24. I don't see why people are mad at Hamlin for doing his job, they should be mad at Newman.

  25. I may be a Chase Elliott fan, but on Saturday I was a Matt DeBenedetto fan.

  26. Is it just me or is Matt’s team radio sound weird, like with the quality?

  27. An incredible comeback by Denny Hamlin! That's what I call a never give up attitude!

  28. Can someone explain what happened with Hamlin getting the wave around being two laps down? Why were they upset with pitting right before a caution?

  29. I would do anything for Matt to have a great ride for next year

  30. If Matty doesn't get a ride next season, these team owners are missing out.

  31. I know this won't be a popular opinion, but I have to say it. Matty B. would look good wheeling that 48 car.

  32. Jeff Gordon with the beard looks so weird!!

  33. MATTY D needs a competitive cup ride for 2020

  34. Newman did what he had to in order to stay in playoffs

  35. Great race, but man I was hoping Matt D. would get the win. Dang 6 car sure didn't help. Time and a place man, time and a place.
    I didn't notice that was Jeff Gordon talking to Matt D. during the race coverage. Just realized it watching this.

  36. Did anyone noticed that DiBenedetto’s crew chief was Mike Wheeler, Denny’s former crew chief.

  37. Petition to give DiBenedetto a ride

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