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(REAL MOTIVATION) Aiden Lee l My 6 Months Body Transformation And My Fitness Journey From Fat to Fit

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  1. If you play this at 2x speed he levitates

  2. Why are you all accusing him of juicing? Wouldn’t say his physique is impossible to achieve without the use of steroids. Hard work and consistency pays off

  3. My favorite part is when he swings the dumbbells doing biceps curls. Awesome form bro…….. 😑😑😑

  4. These are steroids but nice transformation, u can see it by round shoulders hardly it can be genetics but… It's rare.

  5. Hey Im a hard gainer and my recent video is a fitness transformation of me, can ya’ll check it out and let me know how I did? https://youtu.be/7fzao4LuZLc

  6. 1like =10 push ups i will do

    Let's See How much I have to do?

  7. Ur on roids no way for 6 month u get that body naturally

  8. Does bodybuilding also include legs?

  9. Alter ich habe mich jetzt mehr als 1000 mal im kreis gedreht , wieso sehe ich jetzz nicht so aus?

  10. Subscribe in my channel for best motivation 🔥🔥

  11. No one knows how much it takes to build a body
    Just sitting and typing is easy though
    If people come to know if bodybuilding is hard ,no one will do it ….

  12. Whuuuut? This transformation would take me at least 6 lifetimes…..

  13. Everything is possible with enough chemistry

  14. So much hate on this video, No roids was taken. Do y'all know how that stuff works? 😂😂

  15. However the results was not satisfying. I took the decision to sniff steroids just like cocaine

  16. fuck yeah, one punch man

  17. Should have done a before and after off your shrinking roid nutsack.

  18. All fat dudes hatin him in the comments mocking is easy !

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