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Record wildfires rage in Amazon rain forest l ABC News

Over 9,500 fires have broken out since last week in forests that produce 20% of the world’s oxygen. READ MORE:

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  1. Jair Bolsonaro é o pior ser humano e presidente do Brasil como Donald Trump.

  2. where is a plane with pink stiff when we need it

  3. what if…in order to stop future forest fire. there should be atleast 4 hactares of land that is free from trees to stop these fires from fueling and having domino fire effect. what do you think? pls comment

  4. what if…in order to stop future forest fire. there should be atleast 4 hactares of land that is free from trees to stop these fires from fueling and having domino fire effect. what do you think? pls comment

  5. I swear, I am afraid people soon will buy oxygen and that's where we are going?

  6. This is pathetic… talking about this 3 weeks later

  7. They kill you with bullets and now they will kill you by cutting done your oxygen

  8. The fire that is going on is totally normal for the period. The same amount from 2016 (also a very hot/dry year). The problem is that in 2017 and 2018 there were lots of rain, both years…

    Because of it, lots of leaves and organic material were deposited on the ground. In 2019, this year, we had a very, very hot and dry season in the Forrest. So the fire was more intense than in previous years BECAUSE of these accumulated deposited materials. And fire it is NOT necessarily bad for the Forrest. Be aware. That's why they keep saying it rose 80% or it's 2x bigger than last year.

    G7 and others (Macron, especially) are calling for the internationalization of Amazon.

    It's all excuses to take away the sovereignty of our Forrest. They come up with these lies about preservation, but what they really want from us is to not be able to explore it economically.

    They finance International NGOs to DEMARCATE HUGE areas for "Native Indians" (some areas are the size of Portugal! ) with the excuse of nature "preservation". They are pressuring Brazil economically to sign the Paris Climate Accord which will make our country give away the political control over amazon to NGOs and International Organizations.

    Amazon is huge, almost the size of Germany, France, Spain and a few other European countries together. Amazon is sooo rich economically that they don't want us to compete with them, with their market. Get it? Even "sustainable development" won't be permitted because they control all narratives. It has to be full preservation: "Amazon is the lung of the planet", "oxygen of the world", this kind of crap.

    These countries DIRECTLY FINANCE AND SUPPORT LEFISTIS NGOs to influence the region and they are the ones who LOBBY IN CONGRESS FOR FAILED POLICIES THAT DEEPENS THE PROBLEM (sounds familiar?). Don't forget to add corrupt politicians in the mix.

    Everybody here is in favor of sustainable development. 60% of our territory is preserved… besides that, people don't understand how big Amazon is. Brazil is HUGE and Amazon is only a part of it (maybe 30% of our territory?). 85% of the population are very far away from it.

    Our leftist parties have alliances with NGOs and these PROGRESSIVE international actors. They sold our country for ideology.

    Hope you can spread some truth around

  9. Trees and people are connected,why?people cares our nature and nature cares us. so we should create a new world with no hate in our nature

  10. why isn't the world doing anything about this! If farmers really started this, then those farmers should be executed! This isn't something we can come back from if we loose it! We lose the amazon, we lose the planet!

  11. wealthy nations must work together to eliminate the fire not just one country but all nations.

  12. so sad news please stop fire brazil govt

  13. The American Media likes to put their own spin on things if you watch the Brazilian news media they will tell you they don't know why people are overreacting because this happens every year they're used to it the only reason why they called a state of emergency is because of this idiot from France who said that giraffes were burning in the Amazon when last time I checked giraffes are from Africa not the Amazon little jackass

  14. It's just the way for the corrupt assholes to try and get back power babe let me get on the new president by the way they were so worried that he was going to get elected they attempted to kill him Pierce stabbing him in public

  15. This new president is getting blamed for what the past government did it's a load of BS the only reason why France is even interested is because they want to take most of the forest Pharmaceuticals

  16. Well my wife is from Brazil and she says this is normal s*** happens every year and this is the time of year, we happens 20% of the oxygen for the planet huh I think that it makes its own oxygen and stays I doubt it travels across seas and everywhere else lifetime I check the Amazon doesn't ship oxygen

  17. There are a lot of people making comments is anyone here actually from Brazil

  18. What about the African Rainforest?!!!!😓

  19. Why can't government use artificial rain technology to stop it. Or all nations do a co-op and stop it by using air water tankers. Lots of poor animals dead because of this tragedy. Even though we have technologies to reach mars and moon to research about living. We can't stop this fire slaughter and protect greens and animals.

  20. Our world is dying our lungs are hurt..

    But the human race wont die dont be exaggerated we still have time to save the forest..but we need to act fast #saveamazonrainforest

  21. I planted a pear tree nearly 18 years ago. Every year, the squirrels would come from the woods behind my house and they would steal all but one pear when they were ripened. This year, the pears are ripe and falling on the ground and rotting. There are no squirrels. Why????????

  22. You guy's think this is a coincidence? Get real and wake the fuck up. This is manufactured by the government just like like all the shootings that you think are random.💯

  23. We love you amazon rainforest i love you 3000

  24. Bullshit. Amazon belong to Brazil. Norway's and Germans are the ones to blame. French people also, go to hell mother fuckers.

  25. Wait a minute
    Who cares about trees
    We need our cheeseburgers

  26. Y’all thought summer was hot watch winter be stupid cold


  28. Pray for the Amazon
    Imagine some animal's just died😢😢😢
    Please save our environment

  29. Why do I feel like the earth will end one day because of fire


  31. Green new deal and its trump cause it

  32. # PrayForAmazonia # SOSBolivia It's not only Brazil, the fire is also in Chiquitania, in the Bolivian Amazon. The fire has already devastated more than 750,000 hectares in Bolivia. The Amazon is the lungs of the world What do you do? It is time for society to take off the blindfolds and react in favor of our Amazon.

  33. Can't handle y'all's news anymore nothing but 90% boring politics and 10% news there's apps showing better news then y'all have been

  34. Lord send Your rain! Stop the people responsible flat!! Reveal them!

  35. someone is playing with carbon trade.. to pump up carbon stocks.

  36. It's not just about oxygen you know if your worried about oxygen that's kinda selfish

  37. Hmmmm how can we get away with turning a jungle into fertile crop lands. Brazilian lighting. Get it ????

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