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Reggie Wayne on Andrew Luck's shocking retirement: "I love you, bro…thank you" | FOX NFL

Former Colts teammate Reggie Wayne thanked Andrew Luck for helping extend his career as he reacted to Luck’s shocking retirement from the NFL.

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Reggie Wayne on Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement: “I love you, bro…thank you” | FOX NFL

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  1. What are your reactions to Andrew Luck's retirement?

  2. Colts wouldn’t come to this crossroad if the prev gm and front office gave him good to great OL protection, Luck too the list for most hits and sacks for 3 seasons straight. Let’s see how many QBs can still perform their best in same situation, this is why Pats protect Brady year round.

  3. Wayne is mad AF lol. Hes throwing straight shade

  4. This is a decision he should have made before the draft not 2 weeks before the season starts.

  5. It's the colts fault. They litterly threw him out to the wolf's and had no protection.

  6. Reggie is right, not everyone is cut from the same cloth. It's not a knock on him because I can't say which cloth I'd be cut from in that spot, just some guys are wired differently, guys like Brady, Favre, Brees, Roethlisberger, have rip the jersey off. But if your heart isn't into it, then need step aside, football is not a game to play if you're not 100% committed. I wish him well, would I be surprised if he came back in a year or two? No, just like I wouldn't be surprised if he is done. Be interesting see if he files the retirement papers.

  7. Wayne sneak dissing like a m'fer lol

  8. Reggie is correct.
    Faith and family before football.

  9. Indy's Luck ran out… New mission is to Tank for Tua

  10. Well, looks like its time for the Texans to mediocre-it-up around here.

  11. Wouldn’t be surprised if they put this overrated piece of garbage in the hof

  12. Luck and Manning were injured with the Colts

  13. How can you not respect it …the man wants to be able to walk and live he’s only 29 he had a lacerated kidney broken shoulder broken ribs …Live your life bro much respect ✊

  14. Well there season just ended

  15. Overrated his whole career never understood that part but it's a shame that he couldn't live up to the expectations at least he will never have to work another day in his life

  16. Watch every one say "SiGn CoLiN KaEpErNiCk"

  17. Sooo the Texans go back to being the AFC South favorites.

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