Rep. Comer threatens to hold FBI’s Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Cheryl Casone, Washington Examiner’s Kaylee McGhee White and Strategic Wealth Partners CEO Mark Tepper discuss the FBI’s ‘deliberate stonewalling’ as Rep. James Comer’s document request continues to be dismissed.  

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  1. Threats don't work dear Republicans. You have the Dems and FBI deciding who can be deemed a whisteblower, Pathetic. Stop your BS threats and start doing something like impeachments, charges, etc., you know like the Dems did to Trump.

  2. Comer! Sees conspiracy theories around every corner, typically a QPub!

  3. Don’t threaten! Just do it!

  4. Wray's face seems to differ. You guys will get nowhere without the military.

  5. JBD is a clown and dumb..dumb

  6. Listen to Tuckers interview with Hunters partner … He told Tucker that Bidens made 20 million overseas in Countries i havent even heard of. He told Tucker all âť—âť—

  7. Do it….don’t talk about it.

  8. WHY don't you be a "STAND UP HUMAN BEING" for once in your pathetic life Christopher Wray?
    Speak the Truth

  9. Peter Sweitser said he traced $31M.. $10M is only one third with only one third of the banks, so far.

  10. Most all of the comments are asking why is nothing done. Please answer that question first

  11. Send the US Marshalls and arrest him. Raid his house at 4 am

  12. Throw Wray in jail where he belongs, like all traitors.

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  14. Stop threatening to hold him in contempt, DO IT NOW. You have other things that need your attention, like defunding the irs army, get on with it.

  15. Being held in contempt with no penalty only encourages the wrongdoing….fire him!

  16. Wray needs to be fired and put in jail.

  17. With all of The Evidence Mounting,the DOJ and the FBI are getting in the way of Justice being served!

  18. America would love to see WRAY in an orange jumpsuit, in a 6×9, in Gitmo!

  19. Why bother? Arrest him already.

  20. Threaten? Come on. Do it! Wray is very, very dirty.

  21. Please, please, please hold Wray in "Contempt of Congress." If the FBI was a computer, even though I'm not an IT person, even I would know it was deeply "corrupt" and would dismantle it completely or throw it out.

  22. Hey FOX , you guys are showing your TRUE liberal color's, better slow down or your ratings are going to be like Clinton News Network 🛜🛜

  23. Classic satanic tactics: infuriating.

  24. Joe Biden is the WORTS lesson that the great America must to learn ‼️
    Corrupting agencies as the FBI.

  25. Not only that but obstruction of justice

  26. Come on Comer lets see some action, Wray is not gonna give in. Were sick and tired of the jabbering, we want action.

  27. Lock up Wray and let me pick his cell mate.

  28. So what. Who is going to do anything about it? Nobody.