Thursday , January 28 2021
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Rep. Liz Cheney to vote to impeach Trump

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said she will vote to impeach President Trump. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Great liz now we all know your not a conservative. Your a socialist in conservative clothing. Rino trash.

  2. Love watching the Lulu show; it's the funniest thing on TV. Comedians couldn't create (or even imagine) a clown character like Lou Dobbs.

  3. primary her out next year

  4. Well being from Wyoming I can honestly say this crazy. This was just payback for Trump mocking the Bushes during the 2016 campaign. We will vote her out of office. Wyoming is very conservative and she is not representing her constituents at all. I talked with 7 people about her tonight and everyone said that we need to vote her out.

  5. She is a Traitor. What a little liar. True colors are showing through your dark mask of evil.

  6. Breaking news— Republicans accuse Cheney of reading the Constitution!

  7. Great people of Wyoming must be very pissed. I know they’ll vote her butt out of office. Wyoming is and always will be Trump country 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  8. SHE IS DONE ! We will get rid of her with our votes! And we won’t let them rig it either! Liz Cheney’s political career is over.

  9. All she has is the name, useless. Time for new blood in Congress,both sides!! There should a time limit for this people.

  10. It is done. Now we wait.

  11. Hahahaha. You can just tell that Lou Dobbs, one of Trumps biggest sycophants, is having sleepless nights.


  13. I will never vote for you again either! What a back stabber!

  14. We all know that's not what happened.

  15. This is what Judas looked like!

  16. Lizie! Keep in mind, what goes around comes around….especially for a nobody in Politics like you!

  17. Swamp RINO !! Will be primarried. Will be replaced. Sick of this establishment crap on our backs with our $$$$!!!

  18. Here we go the start of a pathetic administration…

  19. She is not a Republican that is a pure Rino.

  20. Trump didn’t even mention violence let alone incite it. He was using the crowd to cheer Pence on to “do the right thing.” Trump wanted congressmen to object and, light of the objections, he wanted Pence to send the issue back to the state legislatures so they could decide whether they wanted to decertify electors. Trump obviously did not intend to disrupt the process that would give him his only means for staying in office.

  21. Dickett Chaney is a never Trumper

  22. What evidence do they have? Other than fabricated lies.

  23. What a dummy and liar Just like her dad

  24. Liz Cheney would have supported sedition if the name on the ballot had been Bush.
    Oh, wait. She already did in 2000.
    And Roger Stone was leading the riots.

  25. Julian said 98 percent of these people would go down if the real Information got out. Gotta wonder.

  26. Cheney should never be voted info office again….she in my eyes can't be trusted!!

  27. Surprise , surprise , Not !Rino .

  28. This lady needs to consult a lawyer on the law of impeachment. She seems to be not only disloyal but rather ignorant. Hopefully she will be primaried and her political career disposed of, if not removed from the Republican caucus immediately.


  30. This is insane hypocrisy. The blm and antifa riots, destruction of private property and murders wer never mentioned by the mainstream media. But when the right wing protests have casualties, impeach the president? This double standard crap has to stop.

  31. They have each and every one of us by the balls, because they control the internet, they control your voice, and they control your bank account, all of your money is digital, and they control your credit. The only thing you have is the tangible assets in your possession.

  32. President Trump SOLVED many of the issues kept in place without progress nor solutions that existed during the bizarre Bush-Cheney era.

  33. Says the daughter of a war criminal who shot his political adversary in the face and is responsible for our 21 year entanglement in the middle east

  34. We will un electing her very soon

  35. How do you recall a representative and senator? Didn’t vote for her or lummis( who campaign was based on pro trump(she already broke that promise) will do the same thing as Cheney “ I’m mitt Romney in drag”)they are swamp creatures! Would also like to state that barrasso is no better!

  36. That state is full of racists and corrupt politicians in town, city, county and state government. The police and DOJ are used as gistopo to control that state. No one will every a civil rights sute against these political crooks.

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