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Reps. Omar and Tlaib fight back against Israel, Trump l ABC News

Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar called on their congressional colleagues to visit Israel despite the country’s decision to ban the two of them.

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  1. Hey ABC News!
    why don't you report the murder of ILHAN OMARS boyfriends wife's look alike out in front of her own apartment building while walking a dog that looked very similar to dr. Beth MYNETTS dog!??!!!!….BY AN ISLAMIC NATIONAL?!!!

    Would that be too much like factual news reporting for you to handle?

    Getting too close to the truth for you people to be able to report?

  2. DR. Beth mynetts look alike was murdered while walking a dog that looked like dr. Mynetts by an Islamic national.

    Ilhan Omar's (aka:) NUR SAID'S new
    boyfriend is Dr Beth MYNETTS HUSBAND!!!

    Dr. Beth mynett recently filed for divorce alleging that the affair between ilhan Omar and her husband is why she's asking for a divorce

  3. Oh look, I'm crying about my grandmother that I care nothing about, only Grand standing… Yasser Arafat present day…. it's an old movie lady.
    How is Grandma by the way 😂😂

  4. This two BOOGIE WOMANS should start thinking about how to batter there district.And stay out of the International debates Consenting Israel,because Israel is ther to stay. The watchman.

  5. Our new names for the incumbents. Rashida Tlaiban, AKA Gargoyle Face alternately Monolithic Countenance and ultimately, the most repulsive female specimen of the human genus; second to Ill-Willed OMAR, The other, Biblical-clad specimen. Wearing that funny headdress that reminds some of us of Chiquita Banana, ready to dance the conga, or sing some Latin Salsa..!
    That last one is cutely symmetrical. Nearly perverse.
    How sad. Their bloody ideologies and disgustingly anti American track record, has sentenced them to the most incessant, pernicious hatred, with utmost contempt, that any two female specimens of the human genus, can muster..!
    We pray fervently each day, that they simply disappear from our pathetic existence…
    Just Brain Droppings.
    We can all dream..! Can't we..?

  6. Fucking idiots……who voted them……muslim bigots

  7. Some people saying something

  8. What's to stop congress from removing these haters from congress
    They are anti AMERICAN anti ISRAEL they pretty much hate everything we're about so I say horse whip em and run um out of town on a rail to the airport on a 1 way trip to Iran or somewhere else

  9. I don't give 2 hoots about Omar's so called 'anti-Semitism'… What is important is that Omar broke American laws:  There is evidence that Rep Omar may have committed the following crimes: perjury immigration fraud, federal tax fraud marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud and student loan fraud. Americans deserve to know if Rep. Omar is guilty. Sign now to support and investigation into her!

  10. Two of the biggest SKAGS in Congress, OMAR who loves sucking her brothers cock has no shame, and the other bozo the clown nose, her grandmother, hates the kunt!! It's not complicated there family's hate both s KAGS, and homomar, take that smellie ass rag off your head ..ugh.. the smell is discusting, your smelling up the the whole place, or is that your smellie kunt.. I guess you keep a rap on that too!! Also your mother is a slut too!

  11. Democrats are garbage for allowing these terrorist in office.

  12. They talked shit about Israel and the PM and honestly expected to be welcomed with open arms? Seriously?

  13. What a shame for Minnesota.

  14. Talib is full of shit!!! Not buying her fake tears one bit!!!! She wants to destroy Israel and she is offended when she is denied to visit!?!?

  15. These woman are dangerous to isreal and america

  16. Ocasio can leave isreal alone we hate all four congresswoman and wish they were not here send them and pelosi out of our white house Democrats are ass wholes we the people hate all of them they don't go by the law at all so media liberals make us sick there will be a wat if they aren't out.

  17. Isreal has a right to let in their country it's their law so Omar I hope they kick her out we the people love isreal and Omar can leave them alone so president Trump we have to fight for isreal and America that we love

  18. Tlaib and Omar can go back where she came from ,all four of them Congress woman can go to hell I hope isreal will not listen to none of them they are illegal fraud Omar married her brother.and was arrested at a protest so the four bitches have to go with pelosi now fight them hard president trump.they don't belong there in our white house close the border wall close the border wall.

  19. i would love to squeeze her into a pencil sharpener……………………… what a piece of human garbage

  20. ABC just gave themselves a bad name. These two are "fighting back" against Israel?? Poor babies, did Israel hurt their feelings by denying their right to terrorize and dismantle the country?

  21. George go find a good communist country to live in and leave the rest of America to be happy!

  22. Rep Omar did not know the diff obetween"3 million dollars" or 3 billion dollars. And she is helping to make USA policy? Wow……….thanks Minnesota…BTW….Tlaib's granny cannot vote, drive a car, or even choose her own clothing……..that's the Palestine they love?

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