Tuesday , November 24 2020
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Republicans are chastising Trump for bringing troops home: Lewandowski

Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski weighs in on the U.S. withdrawal of troops from Syria and how the Democrats have been reacting to the action.

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  1. Ok so by saying your bringing them home you mean sending them to Saudi Arabia?

  2. How the hell do you still get this lying pos on your show?

  3. Батальон Азов не является террорестической организацией, потому что они не совершают терракты ни в Украине не за границей. Они существуют прозрачно в законном поле, и ведут борьбу против агрессора и оккупанта за свободу и независимость.

    ФСБ, может устроить терракты и подбросить туда визитку Яроша, как это они инсценирую на Донбассе уже много лет, вам стоит в это верить ? Всю информацию в США поступает либо через Меркель связанную с ФСБ или Волкера который занимал очень часто сторону РФ.

    демократы Палаты представителей призывают Государственный департамент США добавить три международные крайне правые группы, в частности батальон "Азов", в свой список "Иностранных террористических организаций".

    Прошу демократов указавших на то что Азов это террористы, проверить на связи с РФ, это российская байка против всех в Украине кто мешает им осуществить операцию Юго-Восток, оккупацию половины Украины.

    Сравнивать Азов и Алькаиду, это все равно что сравнивать США и Талибан.

    Прошу Палату Представителей и Сенат США дать звание бойцам батальона Азов звание борцов за Свободу.


  4. All usa troops out of syria.

  5. President Trump cares about people unlike elected officials from both party who care less to get our soldiers killed for the sake of enriching themselves thru the military industrial complex. I expected that Lindsey will snap back to his comfort zone.

  6. I would like to see President Trump put a gun in the hands of all of these opposing Republicans and send them to Syria.

  7. You really don’t have to do much to make pelosi look the fool

  8. Trish has problems speaking well…… and she’s a talk show host???🤔

  9. Losing money from war and war materiel drives the swamp creatures up the surface. Now they are identified. Take them out come 2020.

  10. President Trump did the right thing to let the troups out. Do these people fprget what Hillary do to those precious 4 young men at Bhengazi. God bless the POTUS.

  11. You wanted them in Syria, venuezuela, iraq and Saudi Arabia, Now you want them home? This a state of confusion. I support them home though. all they do is chaos. The politicians should send their kids to war front maybe then there will be less wars.

  12. I am much more disappointed on the reaction from the whole of Congress in not supporting president Trump – it is disgraceful

  13. Ask the people and parents of those service people who are now reunited with their alive loved ones if Trump done the right thing or not, why has the msm not interviewed any of these people? we know why don't we?

  14. LUV Corey Hes speaks the truth you can ignore it but you cant deny it okay The truth eill will always be the truth

  15. Let the Dems send there children !

  16. 26 social degenerate losers downvoting: kick rocks !

  17. so there we have it , trump is on his own . when his own party are criticising his decisions you know that the swamp is so deep its welling up into the rice fields in china .

  18. Ban the military industrial complex. No more wars..

  19. Whites go off to have pointless wars and then bring those alien peoples over to their own lands to mix and colonize further causing division and chaos within their own indigenous lands. Just like the Romans…just stupid and it doesn't end well.

  20. Promises made-promises kept!!!!! Trump2020

  21. They're mad cuz Trump did what they would have done. Now that he pulled them out they say it was a bad mistake.


  23. Limited police action is a joke to servicemen. Victory or home either.

  24. This idiot Tracy Regan is sad. She apparently doesn't realize allowing Russia and China to overtake Middle East resources aren't inconsequential. They are tricking their dumb base into not realizing the reason we have been thriving for decades…that the reason we all have massive flat screen televisions and $400 phones is because we have been stabilizing regions. This is so sad.

    Pretty sure it won't take a rocket scientist to figure out which RINOs don't agree…

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