Sunday , January 23 2022
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Republicans threaten to not purchase ads on Twitter

Former George W. Bush deputy assistant Brad Blakeman discusses how celebrities are calling on people to boycott Equinox and SoulCycle over their owner’s ties to President Trump.

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  1. Maraltehistorijetrumokfrestvarenusekvonmarkomchut

  2. Watch, “THE FAMILY” – brand new on NetFlix.  You’ll be shocked to your socks to see the unveiling of an international, Washington D.C. based fascist Jesus cult.

  3. We will not use this biased communication tool. I will ask all my friends and family members to abstain or use regular messages.

  4. I almost finished manually deleting all my posts and pictures on FaceBook. After that, I'm deleting my account. They make it so hard to delete everything. Facebook wants to keep me prisoner.

  5. If I to the gym will I be able to get a beautiful mike moore body? Or should I spend most of my time at the buffet?

  6. The Republican Party and Fox News are turning into cry babies more and more every day.

  7. The Republicans should tell their Russian allies not purchase ads too :-).

  8. They did it with chick filey

    Come check out the lines in front of chick files

  9. There should be a law against outing who people donate to. When a government official does this they need to step down and fined for this.

  10. Sadly the only thing Twitter will say in response is "Good" considering they only support Leftist Extremism and Democrats.

  11. Who is Michael Moore?
    An why is this person matter at all?

  12. But they used money from their business.. and some consumers don’t wanna support the donors to support Trump. It’s called corporate social responsibility. I think it’s more sinister if they donate behind closed doors shows lack of integrity

  13. I briefly had a twitter account in order to vote on a talent show. Now if want tweets I buy bird food.

  14. I never got a Twatter account. I thought it was for high school girls.

  15. Liberals are a joke, they know no boundary then it comes to their fascism.

  16. Michael Moore is going to boycott a GYM? That's ONE way to support the gym. People would LOVE to know which gyms he's boycotting, because they know that gym would have plenty of extra room and would not have the overpowering stench of rotten Canadian Ham.

  17. Lol they don't need GOP money…. It's not even couch change for them. By all means, shoot yourselves in the foot… Sounds appropriate

  18. To hell with socialist democrats!

  19. Don't threaten just dont purchase ads.

  20. Why should Republicans waste money on titter. They are a foreign platform with anti American ideas. Why support their lousy service. Your better off with old style billboards…

  21. What is this about? brainwashing Americans to hate a certain party? This is really brutal and divides the country. The media is destroying America, enjoy your paychecks, by destroying your country!! This is unethical and will start a civil war. I guess that's what the deep state wants! Order out of chaos!!

  22. I don’t use Twitter period, never will sign up for communist owned crap

  23. You call this news…?
    Jeffrey Epstein dying while on suicide watch, THATS NEWS! Why did Fox disable comments on every Jeffrey Epstein video?
    Because the people know, dont they?

  24. Wait… Republicans were PAYING TWITTER to be bias to them?! What do you think they do with the money you give them for advertisement?! They are using it against them!!! Duh!!! This if f$&@ing stupid! You want to teach them they can’t screw with people, STOP GIVING THEM MONEY! Fools!

  25. Good, pull all conservative ads, they can suffer economically and then force them to prominently display that they are a biased website.

  26. Twitter is a publisher not a platform. The laws already exist to take away their protection from law suits. A platform is like your phone, you can say anything you want and the phone company is not responsible because they don't edit you. Twitter is editing people therefore they are responsible for content and can be held liable.

  27. Break up the tech giants. The time has come.

  28. Republicans only take action once one of our government overlords is affected. We mere peasants have been dealing with this tech nonsense for a long time and republicans have done nothing so far 👎🏻

  29. I wish McConnell came on to his balcony with a shotgun & let off a warning shot.

  30. Twitter is supposed to be a carrier or platform not a publisher. They are acting as a publisher and as such should be sued for the content they publish. Take away their protection.

  31. Republicans:We will not buy twitter ads and we will ban video games.
    Me:But sorry i won't vote for democrats nor republicans in 2020

  32. Patriots should abandon twitter?if patriots can do it on Gillette, NFL,Hollywood,it can be done to twitter

  33. Don’t threaten, do it. If you are conservative I wouldn’t be in Twitter at all. I gave up twitter, Facebook , IG long ago and don’t miss it.

    I am working on giving up YouTube but there is no real competition yet.

  34. The CASTURD brothers give each other a homosexual blow job once a week !!!!!

  35. This is what they want.!!!!!!
    This way it will all be Dems And

  36. Twitter IS NOT about free speech! It's about globalization through technology aimed at censorship of conservative principles. Bottom line, is to, bait the hate and race the platform towards thinking it is "free speech". IMVHO

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