Thursday , September 16 2021
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Restaurants Left Scrambling Amid Truck Driver Shortage

After struggling to stay in business during the pandemic, a shortage of truck drivers has presented another challenge for restaurants across the country.ย 
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  3. Enforce vaccines=people quitting their jobs. Enjoy the dry shelves

  4. High fuel prices, insurance rates and drivers under 21 rates will really go up for truck driving company's. Hire on bonuses are paid out over time not at sign on.

  5. Am an Indian
    Here am a heavy driver
    I intrested this jobโค๏ธ

  6. I am ready to do any job in america i am from india

  7. – Hello American citizens, in this time all us should is asking for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris impeachment. Both are destroying USA and each day more this country became much more vulnerable!

  8. As a local foodservice class A delivery driver that trains new hires, the problem I see is that when most new hires have more than one bad day (or sometimes even one), they quit. Pure and simple. They weigh their pay vs. the discomfort of dealing with a rough day and figure it isnt worth it. Sometimes they dont even finish their shift, and bring back the half full truck, leave it at the warehouse and go home without even telling anyone. These 30 and under new hires are too fragile to handle the challenges and problems that truck drivers face everyday. Their parents didnt allow them to feel any type of discomfort or challenge growing up and they shocked when everything doesnt go perfectly. Most will bounce around from company to company looking for one that will pay the most vs. level of difficulty of the job. I chose to stick around and gain seniority and have a great route and schedule. Sorry if you are looking for a point in this comment because Im not sure there is one. Hey, as a side note, if you are in the right lane and want to turn right into the parking lot so you can hit the arbys 279 feet ahead, and there is a truck in front of you, please dont pass me and then come over and turn into that parking lot causing me to slam on my brakes in order to not put you in a wheel chair. Thanks.

  9. Is this what's going on with the school bus driver shortages too?

  10. You laid them off. You never paid them fairly enough to enjoy a good life. And now you want mandated vaccines. Tough luck.

  11. There is a shortage everywhere.
    Good news my butt!
    And other countries are also having the same problem.
    Why don't anyone listen?
    Not just trucking industry all sectors.
    4 years….mark my words as the world's population falls like a bad stock.

  12. ๐Ÿคฃ please stop lying there's no truck driver shortage was looking for a job for weeks and I'm a truck driver

  13. People are switching to Gig work, self employment and other types of work that acctually pay decent and they get to make their own hours and be the boss at the same time!!!!

  14. People are reevaluating their worth due to this pandemic. Time that others that depended on their past gravey train and at the same time treating workers with contempt need to reevaluate themselves.

  15. there is no driver shortage. theres a shortage of good companies treating their drivers with respect and pay. theres also a major shortage of parking and too many driver restrictions like left lane no trucks.

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  17. PAY! ๐Ÿ‘ THE! ๐Ÿ‘ PEOPLE! ๐Ÿ‘ A! ๐Ÿ‘ DECENT! ๐Ÿ‘ LIVING! ๐Ÿ‘ WAGE!๐Ÿ‘

  18. I worked for a while in liquor delivery (same as food delivery),to supermarkets and restaurants,until i couldn't take it anymore.The most stressful and horrible job i ever had.

  19. I worked for 6 years delivering to restaurants I was only making 700 a week…now I make 1700 a week delivering fright

  20. Restaurants are "left scrambling" anytime there's a breakfast menu involved. Get over it.

  21. Imagine if trucks go on strike for 3 days bye bye america economy

  22. The Pandemic does change our economy…

  23. Gonna get worse when they try to force vax on people

  24. No truck parking anywhere, low pay, road usage taxes, now mandated vaccines, let me tell you, truckers have the power to shut this country down and honestly, they should.

  25. See the truck company say .we will give you 3000 dollar sign on bonus. But how will they pay it. When you are their for 6 months. How much do they pay the driver's a hour. See NBC news didn't ask that question. Because they don't care about truck drivers.

  26. Truck drivers are paid horribly these days. I bet Baldor pays there drivers like 40K a year. After tax that is just $650 a week. Try raising a family on those wages.

  27. The beginning of the food shortage is here.

    Get ready.

  28. I can't wait to retire from trucking! All day everyday it's grinding to be harassed by dangerous motorists. You get no respect and no thanks. Motorists just can't drive down the road without interacting with truckers. I have several 64 gb cards of there BS from my dashcam. I would not recommend this job to anybody. They are working hard to get the robots into the driver's seat!! They can have it!!

  29. The laws are too stringent. Automated driving hours and you can't be and a diabetic or bordeline.they should allow felons to drive i mean simple stuff from 10nyears ago, they have since changed



  32. Welcome to collapse and failure.

  33. If only we had a president to take action in 2020.

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