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Retailers warn fake Christmas trees could sell out early this year

National Tree Company CEO Chris Butler discusses the artificial Christmas tree shortage that could impact your holiday decorating plans. #FOXBusiness

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  1. 90% of what they were planning and have excess to sell to other retailers? Doesn't sound like a shortage to me, sounds like a large company has imported extra leaving other smaller retailers unable to import cheaply

  2. I can survive without a Christmas tree in my house.

  3. Tell China we won’t be purchasing their fake Christmas trees, why should they profit from us anymore. Let them eat each other.

  4. Buy only made in America.

  5. New invention the Christmas can, a decorative trash can and the gifts can go inside.

  6. Artificial Christmas trees seem like something that could be made in the USA.

  7. Neah ! Not going to happen. Most people don't buy a new Xmas three every year

  8. If "Made in America" goods had such good prices as "Made in China", it wouldn't be a problem.

  9. Screw your fake China trees.

  10. Funny….the CEO says its gonna be tight to get trees from China to USA., and they show video clips of real trees being wrapped and purchased from American tree farmers. My take away….buy a Real American Tree! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Ohoh the other toilet paper.better run out and get one

  12. WAWA'S putting Americans at RISKS WAWA products BIG PROFITS WAWA'S CHEAP labor COVID-19 bakeries.

  13. With everything going on in this world today fake x-mas trees should be the last thing on the list, but hey the system needs you to continue supporting it so rock on!

  14. Christianity itself is fake. So who cares about fake Christmas tree.

  15. I refuse to buy anything made in China!

  16. Breaking: Fake tree salesman says to buy fake tree's now!!! quick before they run out!!!

  17. Why you turn off comments on the pentagon admitting they suck at their jobs video

  18. I've used the same artificial tree for Christmas every year for over 12 years! >:-)))

  19. Comments turned off on the video about trumps drone strike that killed civilians huh? 😂😂😂😂slaves

  20. Buy local real tree and stimulate a farmer!!!

  21. Christmas will cancelled. No doubt in my mind. This is strange.


  23. More pagen bs. Research the black sun and the flat earth

  24. Magically, not a single wealthy person will have a fake tree. Nor do they eat fake meat, also they will enjoy Christmas, while taking your Christmas completely away

  25. One word it's China 🇨🇳 bankrupt🤣🥳

  26. Even Christmas trees are quitting their job..Wake Up America!

  27. Christmas… Pagan holiday… Christ Jesus wasn’t even born in December.. y’all should read your Bible.

  28. Good thing I get real Christmas trees for for free for life.

  29. Just tell the truth… swan oden oden star link…NASRA / GASRA…. Can't you TELL truth….just ONCE. The fall of the Lusafarian…💎💫 ped#0 baby back ribs group


  31. It ok, we need a much bigger one to deck it with tyrants anyway

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