Wednesday , August 10 2022

Retirement accounts lose trillions in stock rut

Stock market declines from the beginning of the year have amounted to trillions in losses for retirement accounts, and Americans are feeling the pain.

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  1. How are Democrats' 401Ks, healthy or terminally ill? They elected the wrong people. Time to switch to the Republicans.

  2. Who told these people to put their retirement money in the stock market gambling casino?

  3. Losing money because of stupid politics should be illegal.

  4. What was the account the one woman was referring to. A TSP or similar name? I have never heard of it.

  5. Hello, I'm new to Bitcoin trade and Ive been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?🙏

  6. You can put a hold on the 401k

  7. Invest in Bitcoin. Wait, forget I said that.

  8. The complete destruction of the middle class has just begun. All part of the Biden plan. Whatever they say, the exact opposite is the truth!

  9. Thank you Joe Biden voters. You helped create this mess. Keep voting democrat and you can forget retirement.

  10. Why black folks have to curse every time they open their mouth..? I'm not prejudge or anything

  11. hello – i'm planning to "diversify" my passive investments and try eToro copy trading as an additional option. Assuming I've done my due diligence and copy trading a long term investor, any thoughts if it will work as a passive investment?

  12. That’s funny, Blackrock changed their positions to Puts and made trillions just before the Bear markets. The currency you lost didn’t go to heaven it just transferred to the 1% again.

  13. How many of them was Biden supporters? MEGA or BBB better now?

  14. Half them probably voted for Biden, and it's going to get worse, wait until October, roof Jumper's 💵💵💵

  15. The DEMonic DEMwitted DEMtards are to blame for creating all of the crisis our country is currently facing… Build Back Better aka The Great Reset aka New World Order🤬🤬🤬

  16. GReed. GReed. GReed. The Biden Administration will break us whether it be jobs, retirement, savings, or plain old living expenses. A pro at using and wasting money others worked for.

  17. The truth of the title is the shame. People with non discretionary 401k accounts can't even get out of the way into money market accounts (some maybe can). The investors who make their own bed and have a choice, I'm happy to relieve of their money as I short futures. The others who have no choice are unfortunately along for the fall.