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Richardson shines again with bat and ball | KFC BBL|10

Jhye Richardson continued his red hot form this season, picking up another four wickets having earlier produced an attacking late cameo with the bat against the Hurricanes.


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  1. Similar to Shami. Can be expensive but will pick you wickets. Good player

  2. @enjoy_with_memes is the best meme account i have ever seen 💓💕💓💓

  3. Apni maa ki Umar kitni honi chaiye ??

    1 like =100 year 💕💕💕💕💕

  4. Jhye Richardson should be brought in for SA series.He is genius with bat and ball.

  5. He should be in RCB❤ but we already retained kane😕

  6. I have not job and money
    YouTube not giving me views"
    I want handle my family"
    Ya am worse then other"?….
    1k ke liye sirf 560 more 🙏🙏👈👈🙏

  7. He will be available for ipl?

  8. Le Richardson: ഇതൊക്കെ എന്ത്…😌😌

  9. Jhye Richardson is better than Sean Abbot + Kane Richardson + A Tye
    He deserves Australia team

  10. I tell you all what. I don't go to the toilet very often. But when I do you seriously don't want to be anywhere near me. It would scar anybody for life

  11. Ok today's dream 11 Captain of this match is Richardson

  12. 🙄पहले में गरीब था फिर मेने फ्री फायर खेलना शुरू किया ओर अब में भिकारी बन गया 🙏support

  13. Should be valuable replacement of Morris

  14. Which ipl team jhye Richardson is in?

  15. Hardik Pandya and Jhye Richardson are the good dig for India and Aussies..❤️

  16. J Richardson deserves National call up

  17. जो जो हमारे कमेंट को पठ रहा है उसके मा बाप को लंबी उम्र भगवान दे मै दुआ करती हूं 🙏🙏जो जो हमारे कमेंट को पठ रहा है उसके मा बाप को लंबी उम्र भगवान दे मै दुआ करती हूं 🙏🙏

  18. ""Any School and College Students here"".

  19. He is in auction on February 11

  20. Jhye Richardson, wildermuth, philippe, Harper future of Australia

  21. "" Any school and college students here…….

  22. Jo jo indian hai vo like kere

  23. Alex hales knock 👀❤❤

  24. 0:35 Is he coming with a century against Brisbane🤔🤔
    Or is he a opener😆😆

  25. More Than Half Of The Viewers Are From India🤣🤣💗💗

  26. He should play all format for Aus

  27. Breaking news bbl 10 2nd centurey is Alex hales live sixers vs thunder

  28. Welcome again kane Richardson for RCB

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  30. Ipl debut confirm this year🔥

  31. Richardson should be in the Aussie Test team. He's just so GOOD!

  32. hopefully plays some SS games and gets picked for the SA tour coming up. straight swap for starc

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