Thursday , August 11 2022

Rick Perry: This is a continual attack on the 10th Amendment

Former Energy Secretary Rick Perry reacts to the Manchin-Schumer bill empowering the EPA on ‘Kudlow.’ #FoxBusiness #kudlow

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  1. This is suicide for our government and nation. The Republicans better work hard starting in Jan 23. If they don't, our country will fail killed from within.

  2. Biden's number one desire is to have his headstone read " I was the reason for the green energy movement in America". It does not matter that he destroyed it in the process.

  3. They have no right spending American taxpayer's money. If this was their personal bank account they would have been overdrawn long ago and the bank would have shut down any further spending out of that account. Why can't they stop spending and allow America to start bringing money in instead of sending money out without raising taxes on small businesses and the working class? WE THE PEOPLE are tired of your irresponsible spending, bills, programs and all the other nonsense that you are trying to shove down our throats. Hopefully in November enough people will understand and all of those who have destroyed our country will be FIRED and charged with treason.

  4. So much common sense, are you trying to scare woke left

  5. Climate change is a just another excuse for Joe Biden to target our nation.

  6. No problem not sure 🤔 but I’ll let you know when you are done ✅

  7. There is a apple pie, a blueberry pie, a blackberry pie, and a treasury pie. Here the politicians are basically raiding the treasury while masquerading as IRS funding but the money will land in private offshore bank accounts for the elites as always. Then those stolen dollars will be cleaned and used to purchase real GDP such as castles, islands, and blue clouds. The tax payer provides labor for free, and then some extra labor on top of that. The IRS will takes its cut of the stolen money but there will not be any new agents hired. You have already been cleaned like a clock…

  8. Joe Biden doesn't hate fosil fuels he just uses that to legaly target our nation every single day!!!

  9. If Obama and Clinton tell the public how low life Joe Biden really is they would be much more liked by everyone.

  10. Marxists don't have compassion

  11. Lack of compassion has everything to do with stealing power!

  12. Trump gave TAX cuts to billionaires. Biden is closing loopholes.

    $35 Trillion sitting offshore tax havens. ALL HELD BY GOP DONORS

  13. This is How they continue DESTROYING AMERICA after 6 Decades
    They are Almost DONE FOLKS

  14. We'll see how progressive they're feeling when my family is sitting in front of them staying warm off of them in the fireplace.

  15. The only way their go Green Agenda could be possible today is if the minimum wages go up to $100 dollars an hour in all the Country, but if not then his go Green Agenda is going to take 100 years in a natural way, they are basically with all their policies and actions just doing Genocide at a high scale Worldwide.

  16. The conservatives continue to ignore the fact that most believe in shepherding the environment. The native needs to be we must be energy independent and have a plan to get from here to cleaner energy. Their "solutions" pollute as much as what we have now and ignore the only true zero emission alternative, hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. Batteries Lithium and Nuclear are toxic, wind and solar need huge batteries to be effective all of which require oil based products to be made. Given all this, they are using it to get rich white everyone else descendents into the depreviation of the lowest common denominator. Let's hope and pray for everyone especially our political leaders to see the light and do the right things for everyone not just themselves. My opinion

  17. At the current rate of abandonment, by those who have made far too many decisions for self, this great experiment will perish. The Constitution, this once great Constitutional Republic is nothing more than a handy-dandy go to prop to these self righteous control and power hungry so-called representatives.

  18. With respect….. Education is #1!

  19. This administration is like a toxic fungal infection …. We need some fungicide super fast…

  20. Thought the supreme court said that the epa doesn't have the authority to regulate. Maybe we can have a real insurrection like they did in sir Lanka they actually took over the capital an the government had to flee in boat's so they wouldn't be killed.

  21. The democrats think the printing presses create money. They need to wake up.

  22. Thank you Governor. I think that everyday. They gave their SOULS to Satan.

  23. As long as Republicans continue to put trump ahead of conservative principles nothing will change. If the Republicans want to sweep the elections going forward they need to get back to their conservative roots. There are alot of us moderates that hate the democrats policies but will never vote for trump.

  24. Glacier retreat is natural to world… We don't Branden crushing it into obscurity

  25. more taxes, less we'll benefit .

  26. They will continue their destruction of the US until they are stopped. FACT

  27. I now have 4 cords of wood to keep my house warm. I'm going to fill my backyard with wood. These communist democrats are ruining America. Get ready. They will make you poor!

  28. Over..reach a gain..Vote them out.

  29. Stop all the stupid spending

  30. The Biden Administration is killing American. Some of the policies won't be able to undue. So those who voted for Biden you have unleashed hell on Americs

  31. They can do what Congress votes on.

  32. EPA is being given money & not even told what to do with it. They want everyone to die (except themselves) & stop exhaling carbon dioxide.

  33. Al Gore predicted all kinds of environmental disasters, not one has occurred. We still have ice at the North and South Pole. States are not underwater, California is still attached and above water. The world's environment has been constantly evolving as long as the Earth has been and it will continue to evolve long after man is gone. They're just hurrying it up the decimation man

  34. Manchin will get his pipeline But Joe Biden will make sure that the pipeline stays empty and Biden will have the last laugh on Manchin

  35. First, they do not believe in climate change, they believe in the money it will put in their coffers to do other things, mainly stay in power. They never had compassion for anyone.

  36. jobs have gone up because people are having to get back to work to keep up with this Biden crap

  37. It Is science base and not religion about climate change. Im just baffled how this 2 did not even discuss how many billions of dollars and people lives lost due to climate change. We still need fossil fuels but we need to switch Asap if you want a future our children.


  39. We are being run into the ground by socialist party disguised as democrats. Let November be a referendum of GOOD against these evil people. ( And it goes a lot deeper than we think )

  40. The Congressman and staffers killed this morning, how did this accident happen..the news is not giving details, makes me wonder.