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Robert De Niro sued for $12M by ex-assistant

Graham Chase Robinson claims in a new lawsuit the actor subjected her to “verbally abusive” and “sexually-charged” behavior, including leaving her vulgar voicemails.


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  1. Please, get off your ass and leave……..

  2. BULLSHIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lock the assistant up

  3. He’s a jackass always shooting his mouth off

  4. Whatever de Niro said in the phone call.. she sure deserved it.

  5. He's not my favorite person but I don't believe for one minute he did anything wrong to her

  6. That was not vulgar. Transgender people's feelings are soOOO sensitive they cannot accept criticism

  7. Robert that is Karma. You are being sued falsely for the same alleged language that you falsely accused President Trump of.

  8. You can get sued for leaving a nasty message on someone's machine?

  9. so she sued him now that he has the joker and the irishman out and at the top of his game again. emmm.

  10. Diniro is sick. He has devere TDS

  11. Seems like she ruined a good thing. I wish I could watch Netflix in work and order food in work. What! I'll scratch you back and button your shirt. Beat up a wise guys for yea. Yes Sir!

  12. So no one told her lawsuits were gonna be this wayyyyyy !!!!!

  13. Watch Johnny Depp’s legacy (below) versus the legacy we are witnessing for De Niro

  14. Hahaa karma Bitch!! And he calls Trump unhinged and crazy and gangster?? Haha yeah Bobby shut the fuck up old man. You been exposed. 😂😂😂😂

  15. A lawyer should call every worker who has ever worked with Gordon Ramsey and have them sue him to make millions. If a superior can not talk to their workers like that than, Gordon I know definitely should be sued.

  16. Is Bobby D some kind of ATM already?

  17. And he criticises Trump already

  18. People do a lot of recreational things while on the job. I watch TV, play games, make personal calls, take naps, play barista for my co-workers and leave when I feel like it. I get my work done and I do it well so their isn't a problem. Salaried employees don't get extra money for working longer hours or looking busy when they aren't.

  19. Don't turn this into a racist fiasco…. look at the statistics… abused people get controlled by their abusers, it can take years of abuse before the victims gain the courage to report their abusers.

  20. It's plain to see this a-hole is losing his mind.

  21. Scratch my back and button me up!

  22. Can we all at least agree on the fact that he’s a cinema legend

  23. What a stupid idiot! Her not him!

  24. If this is true.. Why did she work with him for 11 years… ?

  25. A whore and her whore attorney.

  26. $12 million, the guy is dead broke because of his wife, why do you think he is in every movie he can find these days?

  27. De Niro shows himself to be worse in real life than the villains he plays on the screen.

  28. I love the part where he asked her to come shake him awake in his office when he falls asleep. And she’s mad about that as if it were sexual harassment. You kidding me? I’ll shake him awake for 5 bucks.

  29. Not a de Niro fan but she should go fly a kite up to the highest heights…

  30. De Niro should stand tall he is who he is, she had 11 years to quit, you pay an assistant to assist in your day to day tasks.

  31. Haha……this is everyday at work for me. I feel so bad for this little Snowflake! LMFAO!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Eleven years??? It cant have been that bad

  33. So you are/have been a personal assistant to a guy that swears, but are now retroactively hurt.

  34. Dam she looks like a what 37 looked like in 1990

  35. I love how these people come to news stations instead of the police.

  36. Another gold digger claiming BS. Get real.

  37. so she’s suing cause she didn’t like what he said

  38. $12 mil because he was rude to her 🤣🤣🤣wtf is wrong with this world?

  39. Fuck de Niro …he is sad POS.,,

  40. This sounds like an elementary school romance gone bad.

  41. Goodbye Trump hater.. all comes back like karma

  42. Fuck this bitch! Im down with Bob!

    She's got slut and golddigger written all over!

  43. Crazy how u get older and people wanna take your money ,stay vigilant woman are doble blade

  44. Lol, money hungry assistance was “abused” yeah. Ok 😂👍🏼

  45. Robert de Niro is losing his marbles

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