Sunday , November 29 2020
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died at age 87 | USA TODAY

Women’s rights champion and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has passed at the age of 87.
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Ginsburg, 87 and in failing health, had overcome four bouts with pancreatic, lung and colon cancer dating back to 1999 but apparently could not beat the most recent spread to her liver.

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  4. All of those MURDERED Babies will punch her ticket to HELL.

  5. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  6. Everybody's praising her for being a "feminist icon", does anybody still know a feminist is a evil thing or did the devil and the media get the demons in you

  7. Im sarry for her passing but i am relieved that she is no longer on the supreme cort

  8. I Remember when she got confirmed to the bench as i got to watch her and understand her i came to one decision she is so mutch like my grandmother does not crap anybody. Today we lost a icon she was a grandmother a mother a aunt a cousin Rest in peace justice ginsburg god has called to to his supreme court

  9. Why are these people allowed to serve until there dying day!!!

  10. Shows there needs to be mandated  federal  term limits for judges  and politicians! There is no reason  a politician,  or judge can only be replaced  when they die especially  when they know they are terminally ill, like Ginsburg, John Lewis, or McCain. Ginsburg knew she was sick long before,  refused to step down even under  Obama  administration to find a replacement.  It is mind boggling why they refuse to step down to be with their  families  instead of playing  power  political  games. Its Long past time  citizens  demand  term limits for politicians  and judges.

  11. Can't afford to lose even one great woman in this era of too many dangerously misguided minds.

  12. Trumps just rubbing his hands together xD

  13. Lord Jesus Christ Bless and Protect President Trump…

  14. It'sssssssss CONSERVATIVE JUDGE TIME!!!!! 👍🥂🇺🇸👍🥂🇺🇸👍🥂🇺🇸 LET TRUMP EATS NANCY'S ICE CREAM IN 2020 🇺🇸!!!!!!!!!

  15. You guys didn't think 2020 was going out like no punk, did you? Because it really ain't. All its missing now is a major earthquake during a Christmas parade somewhere and maybe nuclear reactor meltdown and this year will be complete.

  16. When Scalia died, Mitch McConnell denied Obama his right as President to nominate someone for the vacant position in the Supreme Court – with the excuse that "It’s too close to the election, and voters should decide". Same situation and now Mitch McConnell, with the exact same opposite excuse. There is no justice when it comes to justice. Trump and Mitch McConnell should just tell it like it is ". It doesn't matter what the American voter want, it’s what a few old White Protestant men want to score points with their base. There are only two women left in the Supreme Court to champion their causes and rights. No doubt, McConnell will nominate a white extreme conservative man man, since "it’s men's rightful place.". Trump and McConnell will reverse women have made in the last 5o years. And it won't be just about Roe vs Wade, it will loosen rape laws, LGBT right, immigrant, minority rights, environmental laws, racial justice etc

  17. Our nation lost a dead pro-abortion far left wing communist activist Jewish SC justice.She hated the U.S Constitution.America is rejoicing

    This lady's mind was gone 2 years ago and the Democrats kept her on life support. She was a selfish liberal that rather than interpret the law, used her position to legislate from the bench. If she had any integrity she would have retired years ago, but instead was trying to wait for another liberal president. RBG ( aka 'Wicked Witch' ) should have retired long ago. It was naked ugly political ideology keeping her on the bench, long after she stopped being able to do the job due to health issues.Burn in HELL BRG!! Ding all The Witch is dead! She was a hack and a doosh bag.

    She was nothing more than another Liberal/Progressive/Socialist who didn't care for the U.S.A. She was no different than Clinton, Obama, or Biden.If you want to look at the face of pretentious evil who think they are honorable, look no further than Ginsburg and Pelosi.Don't forget folks, her climb to "fame" was through the liberal hate organization ACLU.God has spoken, May she rot in hell

  18. I am a couple of years older than Ruth Ginsburg was at the time of her passing. And once held the same political views. She was one of my heroes. Justice Ginsburg held to her principles until the end and I honor her for that. But the world has changed. The balance has shifted towards anarchy. Now is the time to restore balance between civil rights and civil responsibilities. Otherwise, civil rights will be lost, swamped by mob rule. The US Supreme Court has a roll in restoring the rule of law in United States so that world can be reassured that representative democracy actually works to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  19. The headline should read "Cancer finally survives Ginsberg after 7 failed attempts".

  20. RIP RGB

    Donald's Dictatorship = USA 203,171+ China 4,634 Vietnam 35 NZ 25.

    USA is 30 times bigger in size than Vietnam and 82 times North Korea.

    Trust Trump, Pompeo, Barr, Kushner and DeJoy? and keep blaming communists?

  21. If RBG interpreted the constitution as it was intended – she was a great justice. It goes for all of them.

  22. Why are people praising a pedophile who died several years ago

  23. Watch how the Dems and anti Trumpers weaponise RBGs death to suit their agenda.

  24. Dejoy paid $1.2M. How much will someone need to give for this job?

  25. Spare me, please! Ginsburg has been dead for years — all of her "public appearances" for years have been staged (an excellent series of photoshopped and voice-altered manipulations!), the "going to the gym" and "pressing 100" were phony, she's had enough multiple cancers and surgeries to kill a horse, she's been senile for a generation, more so than Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. Finally, the charade is over. We are all cheering, now that "Mz. Legalize Pedophilia" has kicked the bucket. Good riddance! What we need to know is, why did they choose NOW to pull the plug?

  26. And just like that… millions of lives have been saved! Babies and children can sleep safely tonight.

  27. Not sad to see such an evil woman go

  28. can picture her as the blm leader in the 70s

  29. A Di Da Phat🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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