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Sailing around Croatia! | Fashion Mumblr Travel Vlog

* SECOND UPLOAD * As the first one had sound issues!!

Join us as we spend 5 days sailing around the beautiful Croatian islands with Med Sailors! Without doubt the best way to see lots of the country, we had the most fabulous time!

We got all our local tips from our Marco Polo guide book, and this video is in collaboration with Marco Polo!

More about Med Sailors : https://www.medsailors.com
More about Marco Polo : http://www.marco-polo.com

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  1. please tell us more about the secret!!

  2. I am from Croatia and we rarely ever have beef stakes, pork yes, skewers, minced meat (cevapcici) etc.

  3. The Secret sounds like the book Norman Vincent Peale wrote, "The Power of Positive Thinking," many years ago………Enjoyed sharing this trip with you and Charlie!  🙂

  4. You look beautiful , I love the Islands you make a wonder full travel guide!

  5. You are so beautiful and creative! 🌴🌺🌊 Love this video sooo much!

  6. I spent a week in Rovinj which is also known as "little Venice". I would highly recommend going there as it is beautiful with so much to see and do. I love Croatia and it being only a couple of hours away from the UK is great.

  7. Great video. Well done! We really liked it.

  8. Croatia looks beautiful, I love your tan and I am glad you got to see the dolphins : ) xoxo

  9. So cute how you said STARI GRAD… it makes me lovw you even more 😀

  10. Beautiful country and a great video.

  11. i am half croatian! glad you enjoyed yourself – beautiful vlog

  12. Gorgeous video! I'm a NZ born Croatian (both my parents are from Croatia). Thinking of going next July for my 30th birthday, this just gave me even more motivation to make it happen so thank you 🙂

  13. Which airport did you fly into?

  14. TY for a very different experience of Croatia! – I am more familiar <not from having actually traveled, but from many friends and books and videos> w/ Medjugorje. P.S. What was with the Roman soldiers walking alongside Charlie as he read from the guide book?!

  15. LOVE the first pair of sunglasses you're wearing! Where are they from?

  16. I'm obsessed with all of your videos! And your way to edit them is amazing🙌🏼
    I would be sooo happy if you could watch my first video on YouTube…a Travel Vlog through Italy☺️

  17. aw love this video, definitely subbing! I posted a similar one, its not as great as this lol but id appreciate if you could give some feedback? btw i love your editing style, alot of big youtubers cant even edit like this so im really confused why you dont have millions of subs??

  18. Great vlog….look forward to watching more of your vids! lovely couple! 😊💕

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