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Sanctions ‘with teeth’ needed on China cyber threat: Rep. John Katko

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Homeland Security Committee ranking member Rep. John Katko, R-N.Y., on the Biden administration and allies blaming China for the recent Microsoft hack.

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  1. First of all, Unite with European allies and pull back the European , Japanese and American investors from the market ,break their very own backbone i.e sanction them and break their state subsidized manufacturing powress and better act now or watch US failing.


  3. What country claims to have the best national security?
    But playing the victim card from time to time
    and pulling the “Russia/China-bashing card” out of thin air, whenever it comes in handy.

    This is how absurd the US position is.

    But we’re expected to believe that they’re constantly living in fears
    being attacked or being taken advantage by other countries?
    Their motto is " Bring me the person, I'll find you the crime."

  4. ‘It may be dangerous to be America's enemy,
    but to be America's friend is fatal.’- Henry Kissinger

    Bitter Zelensky complains US has betrayed Ukraine on the Russian pipeline.

    Now the penny's begun to drop for Ukraine,
    Taiwan and Australia that, actually,
    after having beaten the drums for another war

    both Germany and Russia and China
    and Russia will be working more closely together.

    China-EU go ahead with the Investment Agreement.

  5. Putin exposed US Record of human rights violations
    in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay.
    ‘The most of the cyber-attacks that happen in the world
    come from the US, not from Russia.’

    He pointed out the arrest on the attack on Capitol hill,
    that they were expressing their personal point of view too
    but now they’re in prison.

    What country was the one who PULLED OUT of five agreements,
    the Paris Accord, TPP, INF treaty, NAFTA and Iran deal?
    Can any country withdraw from treaties any time they want
    if they’re as powerful as the US?

    He said US has done everything that he has been accused of.

  6. France says “US spying on European allies is not acceptable”
    France and Germany demand explanations from the US over spying.

  7. Hasn't Denmark helped the US spy on European allies?
    Should the EU impose sanctions on the US?

    Massive NSA surveillance program exposed by Snowden
    who fled to Russia and still faces US espionage charges.

    Fox News Tucker: ’NSA planned to leak my emails to media outlets’

    Has Huawei been banned because it hasn't got a backdoor for spying?

    If that's true, what could the US do to its enemies?
    Isn't that scary?

  8. We call out 1, an INDEPENDENT investigation into Australian war crimes in Afghanistan; 2, an INDEPENDENT investigation into why top Australian government and military officials murdered the Australian soldiers who did the massacre in Afghanistan; 3, setting up of an international court to punish Australian war criminals; 4, UN to sanction Australian trade, culture communication and so on with other countries;

  9. We need to sanction China with Merkel’s cell phone

  10. Sanctions are also needed against he US for spying on my beloved country, Germany. The worst criminal on the global stage is still the USA.

  11. which country doesn't have hacker? the answer is "USA".

  12. More sanctions from these idiots. Take care of your own country first before worrying about other countries.

  13. Does that mean CCP is a criminal organization?

  14. I created a game to show how much I "LURRRVE" the CCP! I call it KICK THE…

  15. Of course it makes sense to him. China owns so much of our debt.

  16. China will do any for there Benefit even kill people. I am not Surprise these days
    But the Whole world needs to awake up

  17. This kind of lie is uesless…

  18. people do not buy cars made in china like chery great wall MG LDV Haval

  19. boycott the china winter games

  20. boycott everything made in china

  21. people for all the ccp trolls in here more than 50 million chinese living outside of china if china is so good like all you ccp trolls say why did you all leave china you should go back to china it's so nice there

  22. We shall see if it’s truly bipartisan! I’ve heard that but it turns out to be a lie! True bipartisanship isn’t going to happen until the nonbelievers are forced to leave their cult!

  23. 185 countries demand the end of the US economic BLOCKADE on Cuba!!!

  24. President Biden says it's not Communist China ,
    China is good, Hunter said so and he's the smartest person President Biden knows ! Nothing to see here … Vote Red 🇺🇸

  25. Joe Biden is compromised, Hunter Biden took over 1 billion dollars from China for a hedge fund.

  26. How convenient, every time when we want to "sanction" China or Russia, there's usually a cyber attack

  27. So basically, Microsoft Created the Backdoor for US NSA, which opened Exploits for Hackers for all over. So, China should indict NSA for hacking into Microsoft Exchange Servers in China.

  28. Targeting China to divert it's failure is nonsense. You think you are the superpower then why can't you do better than them instead of crying in the media. Just leave them alone and start protecting your country because it's going to be in a chaos very soon

  29. America is a genocide nation, Bombing and killings Millions of people. In the Middle East.

  30. 🌍🌏🌎They can absolutely make up their own minds Sorry!!! 🇷🇺Cyber (Legal)attacks that's for infringing on my comments in the last decade or soo!!! Democrap witches +500 #NWO legislation etc

  31. Year END??? This should end by END of this MONTH!!! What is wrong. Everyone needs to be in JAIL most specially her DAD:

  32. Delusional moron, sanctions don’t work.

  33. China already owns the US government. This is a farce.

  34. Nothing with teeth because we have the brain-dead bozo biden. China can blackmail him because everyone knows biden sold his soul to the devil

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