Saturday , February 27 2021
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Schumer says Pelosi will deliver article of impeachment to Senate next week

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will deliver articles of impeachment to the Senate on Monday. #FoxBusiness

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  1. This man is consumed with bitterness and anger….how sad.

  2. Day one, waste our troops to guard ghost, no stimulus was signed to help people, ready to spend billions to the useless WHO; day 2, kick our troops to the cold garage, many of our dogs sleep in the warm beds with us, makes me want to cry; day 3, WI woke up to realize 10,000 jobs is done. Guess whom I miss?

  3. Democrats are _____________!

  4. Can't say it enough, the fear of citizens choosing a popular outsider over the establishment choice is HUGE!!!! Likely the only larger fear than a popular President is of the citizens themselves… for example, were citizens to demand Recall and Referendum clauses to the Constitution to remove Government elected and ruin their access to corruption via stinking legislation… I'm quite certain government is very willing to shoot its citizens. Schumer, Pelosi ect… actually fear Americans demanding they are just employees rather than Rulers.

  5. Shame!
    These Democrats never never never did anything beneficial to the tax payer.

  6. Please use a couple min of your time and see all media has never changed number of subscriptions over more than 6 month , numbers remain the same ,for fox and cnn as well????WTF??

  7. As long it's against Biden go ahead and get him the hell out.

  8. The Dems have wanted to "remove" President Trump for four years.  The only reason, at this point, is to prevent Trump 2024. Why should a couple hundred Congress people, mostly Democrats, none of whom are "nationally" elected, be able to squash the desires of 75 to 85 million voting citizens, if that case may be?

  9. Impeach a president whose term is over? Wonder why they are so afraid of this one man. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last of the Don.

  10. This is illegal and against our Constitution! Barack and Joe don't want him running against Michelle. WAKE UP AMERICA@

  11. They Polosi & Schumer & the so democratic party are nothing but a bunch of Globalist & Marxist, so disgraceful, so much hate, so disdainful individuals. When you hate so much as Polosi does she will do everything in her power to get her way.A nasty person Polosi is.

  12. Schumer, Pelosi & all their minions should be charged with treason, & never see the outside of a prison wall ever again! God have mercy on this nation. According to the amount of evil present, I’m afraid we’re facing God’s wrath quickly. 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

  13. How do you remove someone from office who is not in office? Typical backwards logic of todays world.

  14. Pelosi wicked witch of the west

  15. Wasting more time and money 💰

  16. The Democrats are going down I don't know when but they're definitely going down they will go down in history as thieves liars and cheats

  17. The goal is to prevent Trump from ever holding office again, I mean let's be honest — and a conviction of impeachment might accomplish that…

    The swamp has long feared Trump, because he was never gonna be one of them…an academy trained chimp, spewing contstitutional gospel and democratic rhetoric while pursuing self serving interests and getting stroked heavily by corporate pact money…!

    And now with no office, no political or executive power of any kind, they fear Trump even more…! Because this New hidden government on the rise has an agenda and they're hell bent on it's creation…!

    But this new Messiah….Biden, was but a pawn to sway the American people to give it an air of legitimacy, a Trojan horse…!

    Forces being weilded by wolves now seek to redefine the ideals and principles of our economic and social landscape — and nothing good will ever come of it…!

    For the true faces of evil…both in his administration and within the National Democratic Party have yet to reveal themselves…

    Think that this is some far fetched conspiracy theory… 🤔?

    Stopping the building and construction of the Wisconsin pipeline and laying of 10,000.American union workers is only the beginning…!

  18. Dems worse than 3rd world politicians. How is it possible to impeach(remove from office) somebody cheated out of that office already?

  19. Can someone explain why that is necessary …. What's the point?

  20. What? MORE government waste of time and money. Impeachment makes no sense, it's a unaimed Parthian shot that will have no effect.

  21. So then, Nancy Pelosi just admitted that Trump legally won the election!
    As former presidents are not able to be impeached!
    That means that Pelosi has committed high treason and should be arrested immediately!

  22. Impeachment for whom? I assume – for Biden, as he is the president

  23. How can they impeach a citizen?

  24. It would be nice to see top heavy Pelosi carrying the papers across to the senate and falling on her face.

  25. Americans’ lives matter!

    The family of the air force vet shot died without a weapon on her should sue congress for unlawful taking of life, ask a minimum of 10 millions damage!

  26. The “photo optic storming” was way less serious than the 6th of June Anti-Revolutionary-Incident (Chinese for insurrection) when thousands illegally took over the world’s largest public arena for months. Was there one National Guard commander having the courage of a PLA general who refused to send in his men? Shame on our “democratic” state and military apparatus!

  27. And that's against the Constitution . The Democrats don't know how to read .Or just don't care. They are breaking their Oath and should be Prosecuted and removed from office

  28. To impeach beijing Biden? Great

  29. Impeach the pretender in thief!

  30. Article 1 Section 9 Clause 3 of the Constitution. No Bill of Attainder or Ex Post Facto law shall be passed.

  31. Another absurd circus on the making

  32. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha………ALL, of you PERPETRATING the FRAUD/S, will go to PRISON.

  33. I thought this was only for a sitting president I mean in the law it literally says this lol.

  34. The only good service to this Country if Pelosi can impeach herself.

  35. Dems have always been known for getting very little done & for their delight in the use of slash & burn tactics.

  36. He's a better comedienne than his fat cousin!

  37. Pelosi and Schumer they're straight-up evil break some more laws

  38. This is nobody's idea of unification! This is pure CRAP.


  40. Need to be careful what they're doing because if you try to impeach that means you have to show evidence and evidence could be going the wrong way four

  41. Since the Coup Leaders reversed USA Constitution and acting against Americans will that makes USA Army incharge of the great USA after Prs 45 found no Law and as Sep 11 allowed flights to get rid of 43 Bush the son for Obama They used DC protesters to get rid of Americans Votes rights and to have Criminal Biden

  42. Now that the Dems hold the majority, the public will get to see the kangaroo tactics the Congressional Dems used & use, in the House of Representatives, on a daily basis. Dems use the US Constitution in their favor when needed & trample on it when it doesn't suit them!

  43. Why r they still worried abt that d**n impeachment on trump whenever they need to worry abt passing the stimulus checks to help the Americans bc were in need of it bad and all ur all worried about is urselfs…

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