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Search expands for firefighters lost at sea l ABC News

Rescuers raced to the spot where some gear was found that belonged to a pair of firefighters who vanished during a fishing trip off the coast of Florida.

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  1. πŸ‘©β€πŸš’πŸ‘©β€πŸš’πŸ™

  2. They threw I overboard to say they're here? They're where? Were they kidnapped? Boat died and drifted? What exactly are they thinking happened?

  3. This is so odd I hope they find them safe. It doesn't make sense a short trip and then this

  4. Heard they went to get that Popeyes chicken sandwich

  5. If we can find Waldo , I’m sure we can find them , gohhhhhhhg πŸ™„

  6. Please tell me one of you humans is smart enough to realize what has happened. If you are indoctrinated you will never know. For the awake. They know They went to far south. Seen too much. And will not be back. What they saw can’t be undone So according to our leaders they had to die. All of the gear is sunk and being used by aboriginal people of where ever they landed

  7. They been missing,what a week and half? Have they found them yet?…I haven't seen any other news clips since this one and it's been over a week..I pray they find them alive!!

  8. They been missing,what a week and half? Have they found them yet?..I pray they find them alive!!

  9. Again the wife looks too happy with that smile 😏

  10. What makes her so sure that they "throw" their stuff overboard?

  11. This is one of the many reason why deep water is my biggest fear

  12. Did he have an iPhone on him
    Because you can go on find my iPhone and maybe find him

  13. Hopefully they are okay and are able to be saved πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

  14. Are they chkn 4 dem on dry land to its been 3 days

  15. Wow they are throwing their equipment overboard so you can trail them. I guarantee that boats broke down and they are drifting. For you guys to say this morning that you're calling off the search is absolutely insane. I really hope their family and the firefighters and other people are still going to keep searching. I mean God they went out there to go fishing they are in a boat that stranded and drifting they can stay alive for years out there if they know how to make water. DO NOT STOP SEARCHING!! I said a prayer that you guys find them and I got chills you're going to find them! you have probably literally already passed them dozens of times you just have to keep looking. Especially if they are in the water and out of the boat. Keep searching!!

  16. How much money is being spent on this search?

  17. Something is off with their disappearance. What about their cell phones?! Can they locate their last cell use location? And doesn’t every boat has an emergency radio? Idk but it’s been 6 days and unfortunately looks very fishy ( no pun intended)

  18. Do the math. How long would that boat take to fill with to much water say if they left the plug out at the dock which is common. There's a target radius.

  19. They're very well trained? I don't get everyone's take on this fallacy. Their trained to put out fucking fires and the only connection that has to do with water is it puts the fire out. They're in the fucken ocean. IT'S a whole different ballgame out there folks. I'm an east coast boy that does a lot of fishing out in the ocean. They're dead, take my word for it!!!

  20. Prayers the both of you are found safe and sound!! πŸ˜ŒπŸ’™

  21. My stepdad died just like this…..he was a firefighter for Banner Elk NC when him and his fellow firefighters boat capsized. 2 of them survived, don't give up yet!

  22. I pray in JESUS CHRIST name they find these men alive and well πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  23. Why are they still searching? Obviously they would of found the boat by now. You can tread water for like what a couple hours before you die of exhaustion. It's been 4 days. Hope they aren't using tax payer money to look for them.
    I know I'm negative πŸ™„ let me know next week how that search turned out, lol

  24. It Happend Friday?
    They're dead,Get Over It.

  25. Hate to say it but I'm afraid they're gone.

  26. Wherever you see a Great White you see someone White

  27. "Because they're fireman they have the skill set to survive." ?
    At this point it's a recovery mission!!!

  28. I hope thay had 20 Gal of water with them – after 4 days.
    Motor probably died – now drifting wirh current.
    Our Coast Guard should now should be looking 100 miles off Georgia.
    Carry extra water, and a sail, if motor fails. Carry radio.

  29. I'm sure they're okay the engine probably just went out and they're probably stranded on some sort of Gilligan's Island

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