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Second Death Linked To Vaping Reported By Health Officials | NBC Nightly News

Oregon health officials are reporting the second death in the U.S. believed to be linked to vaping. Anne Thompson goes inside a vape lab, searching for answers to what’s causing the growing outbreak of e-cigarette illnesses.
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Second Death Linked To Vaping Reported By Health Officials | NBC Nightly News


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  1. E-cigarette‘s are a safer alternative to smoking but when you put THC in vitamin that stuff should not even be in it and people are wondering why they’re getting sick don’t buy your stuff from the streets don’t buy from China go to the Vape shop and if it’s a good Vape shop you can watch them make it so you know what you’re putting in your body

  2. Why all the deaths and illnesses in US? I've been going through the canadian news reports and no reported illnesses there. Vaping THC is big there too

  3. I hate that they are demonizing canabis vaping as the cause of all these deaths. If you read into most of these cases at least 75% or more of the people who died had pre- existing conditions and it was the combination not just the vaping that caused them to die. Not saying vaping is healthy by any means I'm just saying please be completely truthful and give us ALL the information so that we as consumers can make an informed and educated decision on whether of not to vape.

  4. Just federally legalize weed

  5. It’s fake black market thc vape cartridges cut with chemicals

  6. it's a good thing i Quit vaping

  7. These teenagers literally give everything a bad name.

  8. I wonder if breathing treatments with a sodium bicarbonate solution could neutralize the oils coating the lungs allowing the patients to cough it out..

  9. are we gonna pretend it wasnt some black market vape juice hahahah

  10. Just ran out need a cartridge

  11. In the sun newspaper there was an article saying 5th death due to vaping… But its strange all incidents have happened in America and not UK!!!????

  12. SURGING HEALTH EMERGENCY…LMFAO…Yeah, let's get the kids back onto the good stuff, 5000 highly toxic chemicals, A.K.A. cigarettes and call it a day.

  13. It "COULD BE". How pathetic lolol.. Nice try big pharma…

  14. Huge waste of money investigating this.
    If you put a gun in your month and pull the trigger why spend time analyzing what metals the bullet was made from?
    Both cigarettes and vaping are just Darwin reminding us of natural selection.

  15. You need to change title to be:
    Second Death Linked To THC Vape Oils Reported By Health Officials | NBC Nightly News
    You are intentionally being vague to mislead people in this title.

  16. Your body is not a chimney put bad stuff in your body==bad results

  17. Solution to THC oil black market products might just be legal safe alternatives that don't involve combining vaping with THC oils.
    But I seriously doubt that's what this will lead to. Instead of intelligence, people will open their book of How To Salem Witch Trials and come up with outlandish, unscientific measures to cause immense harm and push people back onto cigarettes causing millions of deaths.

  18. i reported this video for fraud and misleading text.

  19. so by "linked" they mean no known correlation. that's ridiculous and not science.

  20. There are lots of medical, nursing, resp tech folks listening to this vaping. Is it possible to know the autopsy findings- gross & histopathologic, as well as when alive the blood gases, etc. ?

  21. Its vitamin E in the thc oil solution they are using that's why its hurting people who are only a select few and kids are lying saying its vaping because its illegal in their state so they don't want to say they used thc

  22. Young adults, stop buying CBD vape products on the street.

  23. THIS IS NOT A MYSTERY. People are inhaling chemicals, formaldehyde, and other unknowns. Of course they are sick and dying. Just say it…smoking anything affects the lungs, destroys them and the body.

  24. 3 vaping deaths vs 1 billion tobacco deaths. I'll take my chances with vaping

  25. Nicotine free juice contains a number of potentially toxic chemicals such as base liquids, flavoring agents that cause irritation to the respiratory system, cell death, trigger inflammation and harm blood vessels. I do find it odd they didn't mention anything about the deaths. Probably not true. Or still unsure of real cause.

  26. Not just the THC oils are a danger. They failed to mention any electronic device is a danger due to the chemical that is released from the battery going straight to the lungs. So no you Nicotine Vapors are not safe either!! Who knows what ingredients are being put in Nicotine oils as well!! Same goes for wax. Unless its medically prescribed you will never know!!!

  27. health officials aren't even sure of what's happening yet we have a bunch of dumbasses in the comments who think they have the answers

  28. Because of some CANNABIS OIL, not food grade eliquids. News is getting ridiculous.

  29. Weird that all these vaping deaths mystically happen as people talk about the birth control effects of nicotine

  30. Title wrong!!!
    Death to thc oil. Not vaping.

  31. My wheeze went away, and i feel better, but thanks msm, great story, and my Govn just pulled my zero percent nicotine flavor juice. Thar bright side is i am getting on medicare and going back to smoking, you can pay for my chemo Michigan democrats

  32. How many news outlets put out public service announcements warning people about black market thc cartridges when this story did not involve deaths? and how many more pot heads are ill?????

  33. These news stations are at least trying to fix their badly spun media frenzy… Vaping is a vice… Not a big deal compared to regular smoking… And this one and the cbs one are now saying vitamin e oil, thc, fake marijuana carts, are the cause of this issue….i believe it 100%. Who in their right mind wouldnt go to the hospital or doctor if they have trouble breathing after taking some elicit,back ally type product. A decade full of vapers are healthy…many had used it to quit smoking, then quit vaping…but these idiotic young adults with smoking spice and k2 and now fake thc carts…. They are just trying to die….

  34. I'm very concerned. Hundreds of young people injured and killed. Are we certain that this isn't some sort of terrorism?

    Surely the FBI is investigating. We seem to be the only country with these clusters of vaping lung injuries. Very strange.

  35. All my friends make fun of me because I still smoke cigarettes now their bodies are going to be collapsing 10 times faster then mine!

  36. Good. Thats one way to clear the herd. Keep at it. Cant stand these idiots blowing that nasty fog out in public where random people like myself have to pause or inhale the leftovers.

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